A rainy day in Buenos Aires

Yesterday we spent many hours in BA. First of all we went to the old docks area, where, after a walk on the waterfront, we visited the museum aboard the Uruguay corvette. From there we continued on Avenida Belgrano. The whole city and it’s inhabitants were all dressed up for the upcoming holiday.

The rain got stronger after a while, but we found shelter at the subway. Line A is famous for it’s century-old trains, with original wooden interiors.

For the evening, we booked a tango show at BA’s oldest cafe, Tortoni.

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Palomina indefinitely disabled

Somehow, the water pump kit that we purchased in Peru is leaking. So, during the first day in BA we got a new one from the dealer. Today I tried to install it, only to find out that it is missing, being mistakenly trashed by our host in the process of cleaning. And of course, by the time we realized that, the trash has been removed by the waste management company. Unfortunately, this was the last pump on stock and the dealer can’t provide another one earlier than three weeks. And, as we are already accustomed, whenever we have a problem with the bike, there is a holiday/strike/both to prevent us from finding a solution. But with free accommodation and BA just one hour away, this problem does not seem so bad after all…


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First day in Buenos Aires

The next day we rushed to Buenos Aires to solve some business at the Romanian consulate. We took the “General Roca” train line from La Plata. After nearly one hour we arrived at Constitucion terminal in Buenos Aires. Both stations (photos 1 to 3), featuring turn of the century architecture, together with the steel and glass cover, have a true European design, in tone with the surroundings.

Being in a hurry, I just had time to take few photos en route. The city itself is a true masterpiece, with interesting statues, wide avenues and many parks. Unfortunately not as clean as Santiago de Chile, it wins at the diversity and quantity of classic (mostly mid 19th to early 20th century) buildings.

Last photo – in front of Casa Rosada; to the left a scene is organized for the festivities occasioned by the bicentennial of the independence while in the right side you can see the permanent camp of the Falklands war veterans.

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Arrival in La Plata

After the bellow mentioned problems, we finally arrived in La Plata, which is the capital of the Buenos Aires province. Dan, a Romanian living there, who read about our trip in EvZ was expecting us (at 1AM) and offered us, together with his Argentinian wife, Nancy, a room in their apartment for the duration of our stay in area. Once again, many thanks!

978 dan nancy

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The third accident

This one happened not even 15 minutes after being almost squashed and I was still reflecting about life and death… Suddenly, a cat decided to cross the street right in front of us. Her action lead to bad endings for everybody:

– Palomina’s front suspension suffered unnecessary shocks
– I lost my thought
– Laura bursted into tears
– the cat died


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