Suspension tune-up

Longer spacers + lowering the tubes in the triple tree is 25mm. In the rear, replacing the Koubalinks with regular BMW links is another 25mm, for an overall lift of 1″. A 30cm jump with 2 people riding is no longer a problem. But next time we should get a Dakar!
025 fr1 Fork tubes lowered
Kouba Installed

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10 days left!

More shopping, more work on the bike and more testing. Still a lot to be done but only 10 days left!

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Plenty of watches are available for the adventure people.
But out of all the Tissot T-Touch series combines features, style and intrinsic value in a perfect way. The compass functionality is lovely, and all other functions like altimeter, thermometer, chronometer and so are so easily accessible, thanks to the touch screen. Overall, a rugged and useful timepiece.
024 tissot.

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Test ride #2 (off road)

A second test ride in the hills South of Bouquet Reservoir revealed that the job we did on the front suspension came out pretty good. But considering the full load, estimated at 200kg+, the rear suspension needs to be adjusted to make the bike higher. So the bike is now back in the garage, waiting for such adjustments to be made.

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