Announcement: Africa 2011

After arriving home, it took us less than one day to miss the unexpected. So we got back to the map and began planning. This is what we have until now:
Improperly called “Africa 2011” (since, in current projected form, it will be spanning three continents), our next trip will began, most likely, in August-September 2011. I say most likely because the process of obtaining visas for 15+ countries is a complicated, costly and time consuming process, not to mention recent uprisings in some Arab countries.

So please check the blog, as I will be posting more about this in the near future!

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The long recovery

During the winter, Palomina is going through a long recovery process. My father took it apart and found some broken plastic items and red mud everywhere. That, of course, in addition to bearings, suspension seals and the worn chain kit. Cleaning the bike is not an easy job, as the mud is virtually everywhere. Seeing these pictures, I am now wondering how did the cooling system still work.

Nevertheless, no major problems have been found, and Palomina, despite the being almost 54,000 km old, looks eager for the upcoming trips.


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