Northern Peru seemed extremely poor: trash was everywhere, few paved roads, unmaintained buildings and rudimentary vehicles only. After some 50kms, due to poor signage, we lost the Panamericana. We continued on a country road, reached certain villages and we had to stop when the chain got off the sprocket (again!) in the middle of nowhere. Somebody offered to help with towing my bike. Shortly after, what I was expecting happened: I lost balance and I crashed the bike, destroying one fog light, one turn signal and injuring myself. Somehow a mechanic showed up and after some 1-2 hours of work Palomina was again in working condition. We got back on a main road that had no bridges so we had to cross several rivers through water!506 peru507 peru508 peru509 peru510 peru511 peru512 peru513 peru514 peru515 peru