The next morning we found out from the tourists we were just 20kms away from the Laguna Colorada. Also, I suddenly remembered I have to lower the tire pressure, so control and comfort was greatly improved. This last day was like a dream. Not only because of the riding improvement, but also for the views inside the national park that surrounded the Laguna Colorada: geysers, the lake, some birds etc. And at all times we were above 4800m altitude!!! The last incident was at night, when suddenly a sandstorm approached us. I remember I could see nothing and there was so much pain because I had the visor open. I had no other option than to drop the bike and wait at ground level for the storm to pass. In the end we got to some hostel to spend the night and the next day we crossed the border to Chile.

Palomina emerged out of this experience with 30% less thread on the rear tire, a broken mirror, turn signal and some minor issues at the rear rack.

One should imagine how happy we were to see asphalt again!

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