The last 1500km were VERY boring. A lonely freeway and the endless pampas. Nothing else.

Since this route is very popular among bikers and other adventure travelers, on every gas station, restaurant or hotel there is one (or more) window(s) reserved for stickers. I forgot to print stickers, so I guess we’ll have to come back later to affix some 🙂

After spending one night in Rio Gallegos we crossed the border to Chile. From there we took the ferry over the Magellan strait and we stepped on Tierra del Fuego. Nothing new: more pampas! After some 200km we crossed again to Argentina (and we spent one more night there, in the customs building) and the landscape began to change: mountains, lakes and forests. At sunset we were finally in Ushuaia, the world’s Southern most city in the world, on 9th of May 2010, after 109 days and 22.500km!

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