After 41.200km, Americas 2010 is finally over! We are fortunate to have been able to enjoy a six month vacation that we will never forget. Despite being hot or cold, dry or wet, on the road or deep in the mud, at the beach or at 5000m altitude, we almost always found something to write home about. To accomplish the journey we traveled by motorcycle, taxi, moto-taxi, bicycle, train, bus, truck, subway, jet ski, gondola, boat, launch boat, canoe, catamaran, ferry, ship and even a horse. We met nice people, we made new friends and we learned a new language.

We enjoyed spending time together, even when in the most daring situations. And most important, I must thank Laura for being such a great teammate!

At this time Palomina is resting in my parents’ garage in New Jersey, awaiting maintenance. As time and money will allow, we will soon get together with her again, to explore new continents!

Hasta luego, amigos!

1237 palomina