More than one month passed since the end of the journey. We are now back at our day to day life, while Palomina is resting and recovering.

Since we keep hearing questions like “Which country did you like the most?” or “Where would you like to go again?”, I decided to put the answers here:

Top countries

1. Bolivia – for the endless adventure and undisturbed nature
2. Colombia – best mountains and mountain roads I ever encountered
3. Brazil – jungle, adventure, food, women 🙂
4. Mexico – colonial cities
5. Argentina – the people!!!

1. Costa Rica – natural parks, food, clean & well organized
2. Colombia – mountains, city art, foods
3. Chile – good overall impression; it is for Southern America what Germany is for Europe

Top objectives

1. The Atacama package: 1 2 3 – adventure, orientation, survival
2. The train ride in Mexico – best train experience ever
3. The mine in Bolivia – very authentic

1. Ballestas islands – the closeup view of the sea lions and other species
2. Salar de Uyuni & Laguna colorada in Atacama – the wilderness and beauty
3. Cafe tortoni in Buenos Aires – for the tango show
4. Foz de Iguasu – mighty nature
5. Pan de Azucar – views

She also added a list of the top-most stupid things I did:

1. Suddenly changing course through the corn field
2. While in Argentina, dropping the bike while both of us are on it, after riding only 1 meter and doing nothing to prevent
3. Continuing undisturbed my afternoon nap in Brazil while wild animals were roaring in the nearby jungle

Note that the accident in Mexico is missing from her list. She probably enjoyed it! 🙂