For some reason I forgot to attach this picture explaining Humayun’s journey to my previous post. Very interesting I would say! Click image for higher res.
The Red Fort in Delhi is (today) not quite a fort but a group of not-so-old buildings surrounded by a wall. Inside the buildings there are some museums, focused on the India’s struggle for independence.
Most buildings and gardens are not so well maintained. Piles of rubbish everywhere. Made us wonder what are they doing with the ticket money.
At first we got surprised to see many Indian men holding hands in public. But since 90% of the people on the street (as well as inside every place we go, such as shop or hotel or museum) are men, we think man holds another man’s hand just because there is no woman nearby.
Qutb Minar is an impressive XII century tower. It’s purpose is not clearly known. We arrived there after sunset. We paid full ticket price and only after entering we found out that more than half of the architectural site was off limits after 6PM. We asked to be allowed to return the next day to see the rest (without paying new ticket), since there was no way we would have known about this limitation prior to entry. We were denied. Yet another quality Indian service!