Since, after one week of emailing back and forth, we were still without a firm and acceptable offer, we decided to return to Delhi and try to work things out in face to face. While here, we met another couple from the Czech republic in the same situation: no Pakistani visa and no way back home. They came from Europe with this Land Rover, which they also use for sleeping. Their blog here (nice pictures but not in English).
Some photographs from India’s Government sector. Early XX century buildings, constructed after shifting the capital from Calcutta. One of the few places in India where the streets are clean, curbs are painted, bushes are trimmed and nobody wants to sell us anything!
As I wrote before, India appears to be in a strate of panic nowadays. Delhi is no exception, with barricades and checkpoints on most streets, many metal detectors, X-ray scanners and even sand bag bunkers fitted with machine guns in every metro station!
Spitting in public is persistant Indian habit. So the authorities had to install such unusual signs in all enclosed areas, such as museums or metro stations.
Such strange public toilet is common in India. Doors are not fitted, to make usage easier: one doesn’t even have to step inside to relieve himself!
Riding in the Main Bazar area, Delhi’s tourist hub.