The main boulevard in Shiraz is Zand. Most hotels and many attractions are situated nearby.
This is the Arg of Karim Khan citadel and former prison, situated in the old part of the city. One of the towers developed a lean over centuries.
Also in the old city we found the Vakil Bazaar, the Vakil Bath and the Vakil mosque.
There are some Persian gardens in Shiraz. All of them have square shapes and a water canal system. Such gardens influenced the appearance of the mughal gardens in India.
The main attraction near Shiraz is, of course, Persepolis. This city was built around 500 BC to serve as the capital of the Achaemenid Empire. It was later destroyed by Alexander the Great so it is not so well preserved. Not too far is the Naqsh-e Rustam, a unusual grave site for the Achaemenid rulers.

One of my first accomplishments upon arriving in Iran was to lose the camera I acquired in Bhopal for USD 120. I was able to shoot ~1500 pictures with it, giving an average cost of USD 0.08 per picture. Since this incident happened while returning from Persepolis, all those pictures are lost. Therefore, I am posting some public domain pictures for reference.