The Chehelsotoon Palace is highly appreciated for it’s exterior architecture (wooden columns, mirror decorations, water pool etc) and wall paintings. The third picture depicts the arrival of Humayun, Mughal Emperor of India, at the Shah’s palace.
Also of interest is the Decorative Arts Museum, exhibiting Persian works of painting, sculpture, calligraphy, pottery etc.
There is also a public bath turned into museum, similar to the one in Shiraz but better documented.
And this is the most unusual sight in Esfahan, the Monar Jonban. Due to the structural characteristics, both minarets can be shaken by a person climbing inside to the top and pushing against the wall. In addition to this, shaking one minaret will send the movement to the other, causing it to shake too and all the bells attached to ring. I will post a video of this as soon as I have Youtube access.