One thing I really missed was dirt biking in the Romanian countryside. So I joined 3 friends for a day trip near Pitesti. Nice hills, plenty of mud and, as usual, very good time on two wheels! (KTM Exc 300)

I never went to the Romanian far North so, since we were in the mood for more touring, we decided not to miss the chance.

En route I stopped to take this photo in Sighisoara. The city center, a medieval fortified city, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Looks much better as you get closer 🙂

Next break was in Targu Mures. For many, probably this is just another city, but for me, coming after 7 months in a whole different world, it was inspiring.

Almost every village in Maramures county has a high towered, wooden church. Some of them are also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Another interesting and unusual place is the Merry Cemetery. Tombstones are decorated with paintings and funny poems.

Since it was Sunday, many villagers were dressed in national costumes. Haven’t seen many people wearing that kind of clothing before, except for ceremonies…

The Yamah R6 we borrowed for this trip was not even nearly as comfortable as Palomina, especially for Laura. So I left her in Alba Iulia and I continued solo. This allowed me to enjoy some of my favorite roads in Romania (Sibiu – Ramnicu Valcea – Pitesti) at a much higher rate of speed 😀