Such a big surprise was Hong Kong for us! One of the few cities we visited so far where, after being there for 6 days, we had to leave without having covered everything we wanted to! First thing to notice was that, despite being one of the most densely populated places in the world, it was way more relaxing than other areas in China. Factors contributing to this might be better air quality, good balance between green and developed areas, good citizen manners, state of the art public transport as well as the numerous attractions.
The business signing hanging above the streets is for sure a Hong Kong trademark. But the buildings themselves are unique too. From the bottom climbing up the stairs, one could find a fine Swiss watch store, few restaurants, a hotel, a small manufacturing business, another hotel, some residential floors, a backpacker’s hostel, few offices and so on. A small city within 4 walls!
This is the famous Hong Kong race course situated in the Happy Valley district of the Hong Kong island, surrounded by high rise apartment buildings.
This is the Hong Kong island as seen from the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade in Kowloon (on the continent side). The far plane behind the illuminated buildings is the famous Victoria Peak, the prime real estate area of the region.
A special feat is the historic double decked trams. Never seen such thing before. The 2 axle vehicles have no bogies causing lots of rumbling and shaking!