San Felipe to Culiacan

The next leg implied crossing the Sea of Cortez. With a single engine plane and just a pair of life vests on board I decided to climb to 7500ft to have a bit more time to glide towards the shore in case of an engine failure. We landed in Guaymas for refueling at an airport located between a few hills on the sea shore, a very nice setting. Due to night VFR flight being prohibited in Mexico we only got clearance to Culiacan, instead of our intended destination – Mazatlan. Nice weather so far with just a few clouds and minimal winds.

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Van Nuys to San Felipe (MMSF)

The first leg of the trip was just under 3 hours. Flew along the coast to San Diego, then direct to San Felipe over Tijuana International. The immigration formalities at San Felipe went smooth but we had to spend the night there due to the fuel station being closed after 5PM. At MMSF we saw what appeared to be a pair of Pilatus P-3s armed and featuring the Mexican air force livery.

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The new plan

With a tent, a few tools and some clothing loaded, we are once again ready for trip. Not by road but by air this time: N29028, a single engine 1974 Cessna will (hopefully) take us South to Mexico, then North to Canada and back to California. Estimated distance to be covered is about 12,000km over 45 days.

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Interactive map

We’ve been to 49 out of 215 countries so far! That’s 22.79% of the world!

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Other Hong Kong attractions

Hong Kong has one of the highest population densities in the world. One would expect an apocalyptic congestion at street level doubled by strong pollution. However, this was not the case. How does that work? Urban planning experts could say. One thing I know is it was very relaxing to be some 300 meters above everything and just enjoy the views. So we went to all observation platforms available, on Hong Kong and Kowloon.

This is the Ocean Park. Nice rides, nice aquariums and nice setting.

Being away the focal point, Lantau island is even more relaxing. There is a very long and spectacular gondola ride. Magnificent views!

Not too many fishermen are left in today’s Hong Kong. Some of them are crowded inside 2 fishing villages on the Lantau island.

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