Find the spot is providing this satellite messenger + GPS tracker that we decided to have. The unit itself was $150 and the plan $100 per year with some options. The most interesting option was the $100k coverage for medevac operations. Unfortunately, they just emailed that there is a recall on this unit, so needs to be returned. We have to figure out how to create a new tab for this blog to include this shared page that shows our current position and last week movement in Google Earth.
Find the spot

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We got the Bolivian visas

Bolivia is the only country in our trip that requires a visa for Romanian citizens. Fortunately, the consulate was less than 10km away.
Visa Bolivia

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45 (or so) days left!

The 2009 edition of the Dakar rally took place in South America.  Check out the beauty and variety of these lands!  Breathtaking views!!!

Mmmmm… dreaming already!

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Test ride

Since the work was completed, Radu decided to go for a test ride with his sister.  The ride was, as you can see, not without incident.Test rideFailure

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Rebuilding the front fork

At the impact, the front fork has been severely damaged.  Only some internal parts could be salvaged.  So when the replacement parts came in, Radu spent a few hours with his friend Horea rebuilding the fork.  The bike should be in one piece by tomorrow.

Horea and the fork

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