The long recovery

During the winter, Palomina is going through a long recovery process. My father took it apart and found some broken plastic items and red mud everywhere. That, of course, in addition to bearings, suspension seals and the worn chain kit. Cleaning the bike is not an easy job, as the mud is virtually everywhere. Seeing these pictures, I am now wondering how did the cooling system still work.

Nevertheless, no major problems have been found, and Palomina, despite the being almost 54,000 km old, looks eager for the upcoming trips.


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Few more pictures from the French Guyana

guy 1

Creeks and swamps are very common in that area.

guy 2

guy 3

Somewhere in the Brazilina jungle we lost the license plate. I had to stop at a shop to build a replacement.

guy 4

Many wreckages like this can be seen everywhere in French Guyana, mostly in remote areas. Hundreds, if not even more! Some of them with broken glass and burned. We were wondering why. I found the answer while in the shop waiting for the replacement license plate to be cut.

There was another client who had some strange tears on his pants. We began talking and he mentioned one day he was driving his Citroen Xsara from Cayenne to St. Georges. At some point, the road was blocked with tree branches. Feeling the danger, he placed the car in reverse and attempted to escape. That moment, two men armed with shotguns showed up from the jungle and opened fire. Some rounds broke the tires while others penetrated the door and hit his leg. Even though he was being fired upon several times, he did not stop. With flat tires he couldn’t go very far, but from his cell phone he alerted the Gendarmerie who came and rescued him and his vehicle.

After telling this story, he lifted the pant sleeve to reveal the wounds!

guy 5

To get from French Guyana to Suriname I had to cross this river. I was happy to see a ferry waiting, but soon I learned it was out of order. So o canoe was the solution once again.

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We decided Palomina deserved its first shower after 5 months and 35.000km. Bad decision, since we had to spend the next two hours figuring out why the engine wasn’t starting anymore.

Then it was the time for the first preventive maintenance of all voyage. With cleaned injector and throttle body, new spark plugs, fresh oil, and a rebuilt front suspension, the bike felt like new, ready for the 1500km through the jungle that were to come.

Later edit: front bearings and coolant were also replaced.

1114 upgrade1116 upgrade


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Am I missing something?

Closing a motorcycle chain with the master link isn’t rocket science. But it seems it’s not that easy either. This is the third premium quality master link that opens since replacing the chain in Peru. To circumvent this problem, this time I used rivets to secure the links together. After all, BMW used an endless chain (without master link) when building the bike. And probably this is why. We’ll see. The good thing is the tow truck showed up less than 15 minutes after breaking down (we didn’t even make a call, probably other drivers did). And the service was quick and free of charge!

1065 chain


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We didn’t spend too much time in Colonia, instead we rode straight to Montevideo. And in case you’re wondering why the pictures look so bad, it’s because they were taken with the new BenQ camera, that replaced my beloved Canon A710 which suddenly stopped working.

While sightseeing we found a shoe repair facility where I had my Dainese boots fixed (after too much grinding against the asphalt while cornering), and also the tank bag which needed a new zipper.

Later edit: a photo with my newly repaired shoes added 🙂

1030 motevideo1031 montevide1032 motevideo1033 motevideo1034 motevideo1035 montevideo

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