What do I need to rent?

To rent a car from us you need to bring:
– valid driver’s license
– proof of insurance
– credit card

Payment is required upfront and the person named in the contract must personally take possession of the vehicle.

Insurance options

All quoted prices include coverage for comprehensive and collision damages with a $1000 deductible per incident.

Comprehensive damages are those caused by theft (partial or total), vandalism, fire, flood, objects falling and other unknown causes; excludes traffic accidents.

Collision damages are those resulting after a traffic accident, including towing fees to the nearest repair facility and storage fees of the disabled vehicle.

No other coverage or insurance is provided, except for what is specified in the contract.

Most driver liability policies issued in the US cover the policy holder even when he is driving a rented vehicle. Please check with your insurance company. In case you are not listed on a driver liability policy or your policy does not cover you when driving a rented vehicles, you have two options:
– purchase a non owner insurance policy or
– purchase coverage from our company at a rate of $4 per day ($8 per day if under 25 years of age). The coverage provided by us is the minimum required under the California law.

We reserve the right to refuse to offer any kind of coverage to any customer, based on our sole determination. Any of the coverages provided by our company is not an insurance.

Are there hidden fees?

Except for the rental charges, you have to pay for:

– liability coverage $4/day ($8/day if under 25 years of age) unless already covered
– an additional $0.25/mile will be charged when exceeding 60 miles a day
– the cost of damages to the car, up to the value of the deductible ($1000)
– all tickets, citations, towing charges, storage and impound fees, etc, which come as a result of your actions (driving under influence, suspended license, at fault accident etc)
– $30 per ticket for every ticket we have to pay for you and $15 for every ticket that we have to process for you
– $75 or $3/mile (whichever is greater) when the vehicle is not returned to us at the address specified in the contract, except when agreed otherwise in writing

In addition to this, the reservation fee is forfeited in case you do not show up to pick up a reserved vehicle on the specified date.

Drivers under 25

Drivers under 25 years of age are welcome. However, since statistics show that those persons are at a higher risk of causing an accident, they will be charged additionally for liability coverage (see the Insurance section for details).

International drivers

You can rent a vehicle using your national driver’s license with the proper endorsements, provided that your license is not suspended or revoked.

How can I reserve?

All cars are on first come first serve basis unless booked.
To book a car: pay $100 reservation fee with credit card or paypal to wsrac00@gmail.com.
Pick up the car as agreed and then we will credit you $100 towards the rental fee.
Otherwise, no refunds. All customers must post $200 security deposit, refundable at the end of rental. If you want to use a card for that, there will be a $10 fee. Post deposit in cash or paypal to avoid that fee.