More help from random people

We were some 100kms West of Bariloche, in Argentina. After more than one hour of heavy raining, our clothes got soaked (I must write a letter to Tourmaster asking what exactly is their understanding of a waterproof barrier) The cold temperatures felt even colder. We stopped for few minutes and, while discussing our options, a man came out of a house and invited us inside to warm up, dry the clothing and have a cup of coffee. His family car was a 1987 Dacia (still very popular there, same as in Colombia) and he was very happy with it – why I never hear such thing in Romania?

After that, we stopped in the first town and purchased some heavy duty rain suits.

Then the same thing happened again, two days later: we were in Caleta Olivia this time, asking for a place to work in a shop to change the oil. A guy was also there looking to buy some parts. His name is Christian aka Superman, also a biker and ex bodybuilder, and he invited us to his house to do the oil change, sleep and eat. Plus he extended the invitation for when returning. With more people like them, hostels will be soon out of business. Many thanks again to both families!!!914 help915 help916 help917 help

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In Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina

We are still alive, but unable to post. I understand the GPS tracker hasn´t been tracking for a while (I have to send a congratulations letter to for that) so here´s the update: yesterday we rode over 800km through the pampas without encountering anything else than a gas station. We arrived in Rio Gallegos at night and fell asleep instantly. Today we will continue to Ushuaia. Once there, I will resume posting from the past. Cheers!

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