Leaving Buenos Aires

Even though we would have stayed longer, we had to leave. The next destination was Colon, right across Rio de la Plata. On our way to the Buquebus terminal, I took a few more pictures of the Mitre train station and the docks. Then, at midday we said farewell to Buenos Aires from aboard the ferry which was going to take us to Uruguay.

1024 leaving ba1025 leaving1026 leaving1027 leaving1028 leaving1029 leaving

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La plata and the “milonga”

Owing it to it’s relatively recent development, La Plata has a strange and funny street pattern, a combination of grids, diagonals, arcs and round plazas. A bit confusing at the beginning, it is quite efficient in handling the traffic. The buildings look good, as well as the parks and the gardens.

One night we decided to spend some time in a club, where a tango party called “milonga” was taking place. You won’t see fancy dressing, eye-catching bling-blings or people dancing with their beers in the hand at a “milonga”. Instead, everybody will do their best to follow the steps with utmost seriosity. And not being a tourist destination, this kind of entertainment is actually very genuine and affordable.

1021 la plata1022 la plata1023 la plata


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Our last day in Buenos Aires

This was our last visit in the capital city. Raining, as usual. First we went to Recoleta where we visited the famous cemetery where all important people from Argentina are buried. With our clothes completely soaked, we continued to the Boca neighborhood to take photos of the colored houses. The tour was complete after a visit to Bombonera, the home stadium of Boca Juniors.

1013 recoleta1014 reco1015 reco1016 reco1017 boca1018 boca1019 boca1020 boca


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Palomina ready to roll

With the help of Carlos and his colleagues, Palomina is once again roadworthy. We changed the oil, tires, water pump seals and fixed the ABS.

1012 fixxxx


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Pacaya volcano erupted

At the time we were there, things were pretty calm (and boring). But now it seems there is a lot of action in Guatemala:

Reuters 27th and 28th
Yahoo news

1011 eruption1010 eruption

Images from AFP.

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