After Krakow we returned to Romania where we packed and prepared for the flight back to California. En route we had a layover in Warsaw. Even though the few hours weren’t enough for properly visiting the city, we decided to take the bus and check out the city center. From what we’ve seen, we think Warsaw is a lucky combination of older, communist and modern styles, definitely a place to come back to whenever practicable.

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I must say there are only a few cities that we enjoyed more than Krakow. With a vivid and colorful appearance, many parks and – most important – amazing architecture, this city came as a big surprise, especially since we knew it was heavily damaged during WW2. Unfortunately, we only had half day to check it out.

This is the house where Pope John Paul II used to live (before becoming a Pope).

Despite the dull appearance, this is a famous building: Oskar Schindler’s enamel factory, featured in the Schindler’s list movie. As we arrived after the closing time, we only had the chance to peak through the windows…

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