The end of Part 1

We are now at the end of our 7900km journey through Indochina. It was an amazing opportunity to discover new things and have fun at the same time. Palomina is boxed for shipping and we have the plane tickets in the pocket.

Destination: Nepal.

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The Bangkok rail system

To keep up with the rapid expansion, the city built various rail transit systems. One of them is the regular subway. All stations have pretty much the same design. Strange feature is that the doors/windows block access to the track, unless train is stopped in the station.

To get to other places you can also take the Sky Train. This does pretty much the same job as the subway, but reaches more neighborhoods. Riding it offers the chance to see the city better than while on the ground.

The last two pictures are from the Airport Link. This one is similar with the Sky Train, the only difference I’ve seen is that it only goes to the airport.

There is also a regular train station for inter city traffic but we didn’t use that.

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Some random Bangkok photos

First picture: one of the many alleys organized as bazaars. Then some local food made of insects (we didn’t try). A VW Bus converted to a bar, right in front of our hotel. Feeding the pigeons in the park. Last picture: city panorama taken from the sky train.

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The former railway museum

We went to the Thonburi Train Station to see the nearby steam locomotives museum. But the station was no longer in use. All tracks have been removed and the station was being converted for a different use.

Only machine # 950 was left, used for the afternoon nap by the workers. Others having been moved, nobody knew where.

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Wat Saket – Golden mountain

The modern temple named Wat Saket is built on an artificial hill near the city center. The whole construction took more than 100 years to complete, during the reign of 3 different kings.

Being tall enough, it offers an interesting panorama, so we decided it was worth climbing the stairs to the temple.

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