After receiving a last moment order from MaxBMW we took Palomina to the shipping company. After this, I already feel more relaxed. Questions still exists about the customs procedure in Hanoi, but hopefully everything will go smooth.

See you in Asia!

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Final preparations

Since most of the troubles during the past trip came from the clip type chain master link, I decided to use a rivet link this time and I got a small press to be able to service it on the road. Also I got a portable tire inflator, to be able to adjust the air pressure to the road condition.

Since I heard good things about the Touratech fog lights, I decided to buy a set. Very expensive, at $450/set! Actually I received two Hella fog lights (a $100 value), and smart mounting kit. I paid $350 for the know-how. I hope it’s worth!

I also ordered a brand new Happy Trails rear rack, to replace the old one that failed several times, but unfortunately the manufacturer was out of stock. That means I saved $500 that I am going to spend on welding 🙂

That being said, Palomina looks ready, 36hrs before I have to deliver it to the shipping company. Which is quite an accomplishment!

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The long way West

Since the last trip ended in New Jersey, Palomina has been resting and recovering there, in my parents’ garage. Now it’s time for her to come over to California, where a China Airways plane will be taking her to Hanoi. The crew of the van is composed of my father and my sister and her cat, Felix.

Let’s wish them a pleasant trip!

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