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Shipping ETA

The word on the street is Palomina might be in Iran on the 18th. But, as a tour guide in Peru taught us, “everything is poss...[Go to Post]


The Vinh Moc tunnels

Sometimes in 1965 the US bombers began attacking a village located on the coast. The villagers initially built some air raid shelt...[Go to Post]


Capurgana, Colombia

After 5 days on the sea we finally got to Capurgana, Colombia. Everything went fine except I got some sun burns and Laura got sea ...[Go to Post]


Technical dificulties

The last five days have been full of incidents. Not a single day has ended without problems! Day 1, Tierra del Fuego national park...[Go to Post]

961 problemsTest3

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

From Nepal we went straight to Darjeeling to find the narrow gauge railway, completed in 1881 – a new addition to the UNESCO...[Go to Post]


Rio de Janeiro

From São Paulo we continued on BR 101 route towards Rio. There is also another route (shorter & faster) but this one goes cl...[Go to Post]

1079 rio1080 rio1081 rio1082 rio1083 rio1084 rio1085 rioTest3

Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro

This was our last stop before Mexico City. Santiago de Querétaro is another well preserved colonial city, also a UNESCO World Her...[Go to Post]

162 queretaroTest3


There are so many faces of Bangkok. For us, the first one we saw, it was the busy, crowded, crazy one. I was literally going insan...[Go to Post]


Shopping time!

In any vacation there is a time for shopping. That´s what we did while in San Salvador. A new pair of dual purpose Pirelli Scorpi...[Go to Post]

266 shoppingTest3

Calcutta: a city is dying

In short words: imagine a beautiful city with many Victorian buildings left in decay for 50 years. Then add few million savage ref...[Go to Post]


First day in Buenos Aires

The next day we rushed to Buenos Aires to solve some business at the Romanian consulate. We took the “General Roca” tr...[Go to Post]

980 station 2Test3


Was fun wandering around in the art deco district of Miami… Of special interest was the Wolfsonian-FIU art and design museum...[Go to Post]

3622 miaTest3

The border to Bolivia

The border to Bolivia looks crounded in the picture, but 95% of the people you can see are just selling something, so actually few...[Go to Post]

682 borderTest3

Rebuilding the front fork

At the impact, the front fork has been severely damaged.  Only some internal parts could be salvaged.  So when the replacement p...[Go to Post]

Horea and the forkTest3

The New Providence

We spent most of our time on the island of New Providence in Nassau. Impressive aquarium at the Atlantis resort, but I prefer swim...[Go to Post]

3640 nasTest3

Fixing a flat tire

One thing that really might happen is to have a tire punctured.  Especially in rural areas, a nail on the road shouldn’t be...[Go to Post]

How to change a tireTest3

“Sleeping” inside

We arrived in Hoi An tonight. After the first 1300km the bike still runs strong. I adjusted once the rear suspension to make it ha...[Go to Post]


Test ride

Since the work was completed, Radu decided to go for a test ride with his sister.  The ride was, as you can see, not without inci...[Go to Post]

Test rideTest3

Lake Coatepeque

Close to San Salvador there is Lake Coatepeque. After 30 minutes of riding through a dusty road we finally got there. Funny: all t...[Go to Post]

261 cuateTest3

The Halong Bay

The Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must for Vietnam visitor. We took a $85/person 2 day, all inclusive, bus and bo...[Go to Post]


Traffic in Vietnam

Traffic is a madness, a “free for all” where the motorbike rider has no rights and no obligations. After being stucked...[Go to Post]


San Felipe to Culiacan

The next leg implied crossing the Sea of Cortez. With a single engine plane and just a pair of life vests on board I decided to cl...[Go to Post]


Announcement: Africa 2011

After arriving home, it took us less than one day to miss the unexpected. So we got back to the map and began planning. This is wh...[Go to Post]


Part 3: Iran

We managed to regroup in Shiraz, Iran. The first impression is that this country is much cleaner and better organized than India, ...[Go to Post]


The Khmer Rouge era memorials

When the Khmer Rouge regime came to power in 1975 they initiated a total reform, meant to bring self sufficiency in all aspects of...[Go to Post]


Elephanta Caves

Departing by boat from Bombay towards the Elephanta Island one can see the Taj Mahal hotel (left, scene of the 2009 terrorist atta...[Go to Post]


The Florida keys

From Miami I continued South towards Key West. The road is very scenic. There are long bridges that connect the islands, side by s...[Go to Post]

1195 keysTest3

The Old Yungas Road / Camino Muerte

Once in Coroico, we found the entrance to the old road and we began ascending. At 1500m altitude and in the middle of the rainfore...[Go to Post]

714.5 camino map715 camino muerte716 camino717 camino718 camino719 camino720 camino721 camino722 camino723 camino724 camino725 camino726 caminoTest3

Chiang Mai

Upon arriving in Chiang Mai we booked a tour. A bit pricey at 50USD/person but well worth. We saw an orchard garden, then 1hr hour...[Go to Post]


Part 2: Hello from Kathmandu!

We arrived two days ago in Kathmandu, Nepal. Palomina followed suit, one day later. Today we went to the customs to claim her. It ...[Go to Post]



The main boulevard in Shiraz is Zand. Most hotels and many attractions are situated nearby. This is the Arg of Karim Khan citadel ...[Go to Post]



En route from Agra to Jaipur we stopped to visit Akbar’s Mausoleum (built in XVII century), the Mughal who built also the Agra F...[Go to Post]


Gasoline prices

At $1.48 per US Gallon (or $0.39 per liter, for the 84 octane unleaded gasoline) this the lowest price we ever found. The 90 octan...[Go to Post]

490 gasTest3

Americas 2010 on

We had a little chat with the guys at and they decided to share our adventure with their readers. View the article here...[Go to Post]


This has to be a joke!

The people I spoke to were proud to be living in a country where everybody, no matter if black, white, chinese, jew or muslim, may...[Go to Post]

1193 temple mosqueTest3

The parts are H E R E !!!

But getting them was tricky! In the morning we took our daily walk to the post office asking whether the package has arrived. They...[Go to Post]

605 emsTest3


The Teotihuacan archaeological site is in the immediate vicinity of Mexico City. Fortunately, it was not very crowded. They also h...[Go to Post]

167 teo168 teo169 teo170 teo171 teo172 teo173 teo174 teoTest3

The Kennedy Space Center

I was interested in visiting the Kennedy Space Center to observe the differences between it and the one in Guyana. Owing it probab...[Go to Post]

1205 kscTest3

Finally, she is here!

I can’t accurately describe in writing my feelings when opening the box. Switching the engine on felt probably the same way ...[Go to Post]


Finally, ready!

Two days ago Laura got to the starting point of the trip. Last day was a killer. 14 continuous hours of work and 2 people managed ...[Go to Post]


The Damneon Saduak canal

From Bangkok we took a 11hrs tour (advertised as 12hrs). First we went to the Damneon Saduak canals, a place made famous by an old...[Go to Post]


Aluminum panniers

$239 on eBay. Welded aluminum, lockable latches, rubber sealing. Now we need a way to mount them on the bike....[Go to Post]


The Ottoman times

The Ottoman Sultans ruled, at the beginning, from the Topkapı Palace. We found inside a collection of arms and armors, gems, jewe...[Go to Post]


The Amazonian rainforest

Day 1 In order to get to Santarem we had to go 900km through the jungle on unpaved road. The surface was sometimes well compacted ...[Go to Post]

1136 jungleTest3

Fixing a flat tire

Where might be the best place to have a flat tire if not in the neutral zone between El Salvador and Honduras? No shop around and ...[Go to Post]

273 flat274 flatTest3

The shipwrecks

In the middle of the Paramaribo river there is a German shipwreck dating from World War II (first picture). Trying to get closer I...[Go to Post]

1188 shipTest3

The street car

Once covering many areas of Rio, the street car nowadays runs on only two lines: the departure is common, in the financial distric...[Go to Post]

1091 tram1092 tram1093 tram1094 tram1095 tram1096 tram1097 tram1098 tramTest3

45 (or so) days left!

The 2009 edition of the Dakar rally took place in South America.  Check out the beauty and variety of these lands!  Breathtaking...[Go to Post]



One of our cardo units has been dead since we were in Hue. Today I had the time to open it up to check for some obvious problem. I...[Go to Post]



After Na’in we stopped at Tak-Taku Homestay (09139165752) in Toodeshk. Riding the bus in the Iranian heat got us really exha...[Go to Post]


More Baja

From Tijuana we got to Rosarito, home of some Fox Studios. We were planning to visit the Titanic setting. Bad luck, that “mu...[Go to Post]

Baja dunesTest3


From Chiang Mai we took route 108 westbound and then 105 southbound. No police on the street but many military checkpoints (first ...[Go to Post]


Getting in

At this moment, most tourists can only go inside the DPRK as part of a guided tour. We picked Koryo tours, a travel company with (...[Go to Post]


Nobody conquers Vietnam!

After defending their country against the French and the Americans, now the Vietnamese are defending against big engine motorcycle...[Go to Post]


The metro system

Serving (with it’s 95 stations and over 100kms of track) most areas of greater Santiago, the metro system is a convenient wa...[Go to Post]

886.5 metroTest3

Water pump play

Guess I was over confident in Palomina’s self healing capabilities. That’s why I added tap water to the cooling system...[Go to Post]


The Suriname railways

Today there are no railways in operation in Suriname, but I learned from my father about the old railway that has been abandoned s...[Go to Post]

1180 tren1181 tren1182 tren1183 tren1184 tren1185 tren1186 trenTest3


Bucharest was one of the biggest surprises of our trip. Maybe it is because we’ve been away for a while. Or, probably, becau...[Go to Post]


Saryazd caravanserai + fortress

Not too far from Yazd is located the Saryazd village. We found there a relatively new caravanserai (first picture) dating from the...[Go to Post]


Quito, Ecuador

Quito, like most major cities in Latin America, is paralized with traffic, lacks an efficient transit system and suffers from high...[Go to Post]

475 quitoTest3

The Equator

A special monument and exhibit marks the Equtor at the point where it intersects the Panamerican highway. Not much information in ...[Go to Post]

470 ecuTest3


Blogging from Bucharest, where we arrived on the 18th of June, 6 months and 12 days after arriving in Hanoi. Istanbul was a huge s...[Go to Post]


More desert

As we continued through the desert, shortly before reaching the Nazca, we crossed a chain of small hills/mountains. The views were...[Go to Post]

572 more desertTest3

The survivor

When you see the flotation device on the screen of the laptop you know something is not right. Finally, after 3 years and 5 months...[Go to Post]


The military museum

The military museum in Hanoi explains the struggle of the Vietnamese people against the Chinese, Japanese and French imperialists....[Go to Post]


Hharkonnen unit deployed

I think it’s been 15 years since I played Dune II last time. However, given the circumstances (bike still en route) I decide...[Go to Post]



This is the city that made us realize Chile really is different than other Southern American countries. Even though it isn’t...[Go to Post]

857 antoTest3

The second accident (near miss)

You know what’s the good thing about people who use to run traffic lights? They do have the habit of observing the incoming ...[Go to Post]


Eastern Anatolia

Fortunately, the road condition improved significantly and the landscape continued to be beautiful: high plateaus, snow covered pe...[Go to Post]


Fritz the Cat

Fritz the Cat was our ride out of Carti. A 15m catamaran capable of sleeping up to 15 people (or so) sailing under the Austrian fl...[Go to Post]

363 catTest3

Tierra del Fuego

The last 1500km were VERY boring. A lonely freeway and the endless pampas. Nothing else. Since this route is very popular among bi...[Go to Post]

933 tdfTest3

Pacaya volcano erupted

At the time we were there, things were pretty calm (and boring). But now it seems there is a lot of action in Guatemala: Reuters 2...[Go to Post]

1011 eruptionTest3

Istanbul misc

This is Hagia Sophia, a former orthodox church, catholic church and mosque. It’s use, shape and decoration varied over centu...[Go to Post]



Upon arriving at the customs (mid day, Cambodian side) we found out all staff was resting and the facility wasn’t opperation...[Go to Post]


Corcovado National Park

This was the last stop in Costa Rica. The road (and the bridges) were still under construction, so some off roading was necessary....[Go to Post]

312 corcovadoTest3

Back to the drawing board

At this moment we learned that the Pakistan visa will be ready in an unspecified amount of time, which could exceed our limit. Bei...[Go to Post]


The border to Guatemala

Before reaching the border, we were somehow concerned, after reading other peoples’ stories about crossing from one country ...[Go to Post]

218 borderTest3


The guides showed us many different forms of art from the DPRK. We even visited the main art studio in Pyongyang, the place that b...[Go to Post]



Before I got to Colombia the only things I knew about this country were the Medellin Cartel, the FARC guerillas and football team....[Go to Post]

390 coloTest3

Daytona Beach

Heading North on the coast I arrived at Datyona, where driving/riding motor vehicles on the beach is permitted. Last time I did so...[Go to Post]

1209 daytonaTest3

A rainy day in Buenos Aires

Yesterday we spent many hours in BA. First of all we went to the old docks area, where, after a walk on the waterfront, we visited...[Go to Post]

996 baTest3

The tuc-tuc

In Cambodia we sighted a type of vehicle we never saw before. The so-called “tuc-tuc” consists of a one axle trailer a...[Go to Post]


The sand dunes

One of the few things you can do in Nazca is to explore the dunes with a buggy. This particular one was built around a Nissan Patr...[Go to Post]

576 duneTest3


I arrived safely in Florida, after a stopover in Aruba. Since the distance from the passenger terminal to the cargo area was aroun...[Go to Post]


Islas Ballestas

This group of islands is considered to be the low-budget alternative for the Galapagos. Various species of birds can be observed, ...[Go to Post]

571 paracasTest3


We decided Palomina deserved its first shower after 5 months and 35.000km. Bad decision, since we had to spend the next two hours ...[Go to Post]

1114 upgrade1116 upgradeTest3

The biskotso

The first stop, once in Ecuador, was to eat some biskotsos. A special local recepie. Very good with cheese, caramel cream and milk...[Go to Post]

469 biscochoTest3

Still alive

Still alive, even though we encountered some dificulties. In San Miguel de Allende right now. Will post more pictures soon, probab...[Go to Post]



From Goa we went East to find Pattadakal (Karnataka state), an archeologic site with temples dating from the VII century. Not near...[Go to Post]



Further East there is the State of Sonora. Big plains, big trucks (usually double-semis, 34-wheelers!), and finally I managed to p...[Go to Post]

Sonora plainsTest3

The Ho Chi Minh road

We moved south on the Ho Chi Minh Road (an upgraded, 2 lane motorway somehow following the famous old Ho Chi Minh trail). We were ...[Go to Post]


The Blue Ridge Parkway

I continued North using the Blue Ridge Parkway, a very scenic road and one of the most visited parkways in the USA. It runs 750km ...[Go to Post]

1220 blue1221 blue1222 blue1223 blue1224 blueTest3


The Sechin archaeological site is the capital of a pre-Incan culture, estimated to be ~4000 years old. Some sculptures and other t...[Go to Post]

526 sechin527 sechin528 sechin529 sechin530 sechinTest3

Bandar Abbas

After a 12 hrs trip by night train we arrived in Bandar Abbas. Even though we got off at 7AM, the heat was unbearable. By noon, it...[Go to Post]


The favela

Like any big city, Rio has its own sketchy areas. They are called “favelas”. According to statistics, 20% of the lower income ...[Go to Post]

1099 favela1100 favela1101 favelaTest3

Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is another colonial city located in a mountainous region in Southern Ecuador. There is not much I can say about it, but it ...[Go to Post]

496 cuencaTest3

Florida to The Bahamas (KTMB – MYNN)

After almost 25 hours of flying it was time for a routine check under the cowling. No major issues to report so far, except for a ...[Go to Post]

3630 bah3631 bah3632 bah3633 bah3634 bah3635 bah3637 bahTest3


Bogota is a lively city with plenty of historical buildings, wide avenues and, of course, friendly people. Unfortunately, it lacks...[Go to Post]

441 bogoTest3

The road to My Son

We decided to go visit My Son archaeological site, located just 40km West of Hoi An. Lesson learned: don’t rely on “GP...[Go to Post]


The national history museum

The national history museum hosts a wide range of artifacts, dating from thousands of years ago until nowadays. Most of them looks...[Go to Post]



After Krakow we returned to Romania where we packed and prepared for the flight back to California. En route we had a layover in W...[Go to Post]


Crossing the Andes

The first time we had to cross the Andes was when we went from Medellin to Bogota. The road reached the altitude of almost 3600m. ...[Go to Post]

423 andesTest3


From Kalka we continued East. As soon as we entered Punjab the landscape improved shomehow. There was less trash on the street, st...[Go to Post]


A train ride through the canyons

The Chihuahua – Pacifico railway has been completed in 1961 and offers spectacular views while going through countless tunne...[Go to Post]

Train 0Test3

The Citwan National Park

En route towards East we stopped at the Citawan National Park. We booked a 4 hours safari tour to see the park. We had the chance ...[Go to Post]


The mine (Part 1 – preparations)

The visit to the mine was very informal. The guy at the agency had a brother who used to work at the mine. There were no entrance ...[Go to Post]

750 minaTest3

The longest flight

The longest flight (in a single day) happened while advancing from Mazatlan (MMMZ) to Oaxaca (MMOX) with a refueling stop in Morel...[Go to Post]


Amer Fort

Just North of the city there are 3 forts. The main attraction is the Amer Fort, built in the XVI-XVIII centuries. This fort is wel...[Go to Post]


Still alive

We are still alive and back in the low lands (Amritsar, Punjab) after spending almost one week in Kashmir. Will post soon about th...[Go to Post]


Annapurna Himalayas

We just came back to the lowlands from a 2 days Annapurna incursion. As per Laura’s bright idea, we left most of the luggage...[Go to Post]


The My Son compound

This is, for me, the singe most interesting item I’ve seen during this trip. Built during 1000 years (from 4th to 14th centu...[Go to Post]


The North Yungas Road

For me, the most important attraction on Bolivia was the Old Yungas Road. That one starts from the Amazonian rainforest (in the to...[Go to Post]

710 yungasTest3

Fuentes Georginas

Fuentes Georginas, located next to the town of Zunil, is a place with thermal waters, plus restaurands and lodging. A 10km mountai...[Go to Post]

226 geor227 geor225 geor229 geor230 georTest3

The third accident

This one happened not even 15 minutes after being almost squashed and I was still reflecting about life and death… Suddenly,...[Go to Post]


The canyon

Since we couldn´t see anything while travelling by train during night, we decided to take a 3 hour walk along the railway....[Go to Post]

659 trenTest3


Plovdiv is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, it’s history spanning 6000 years. We found a Roman ...[Go to Post]


Butterflies vs landmines

Inside the Angkor area there was also a butterfly exposition. Tanya, the attendant, was so nice to walk us through. We were able t...[Go to Post]


The former railway museum

We went to the Thonburi Train Station to see the nearby steam locomotives museum. But the station was no longer in use. All tracks...[Go to Post]


The Ho Chi Minh compound

Vietnam continues to be just like I knew it from the war movies: rainy and foggy. We visited the Ho Chi Minh compound, where we co...[Go to Post]


The strike continues

Today the miners protested during morning, so by the time we woke up they were already gone. But not the riot police, still guardi...[Go to Post]

601 str2602 str2603 str2604 str2Test3

The end of the world train

The area around nowadays Ushuaia was colonized during late 19th century, in order to assure Argentinian sovereignty over the newly...[Go to Post]

943 trnTest3

Greetings from Baja!

Well, not quite. I had to return from Tijuana to get some stuff that I forgot. But hey, even NASA postpones the launches sometimes...[Go to Post]


Zip lining

34 platforms, 22 lines (300m being the longest one), 4 rappel drops, 70USD/person....[Go to Post]


Lake Titicaca

Once in Puno, we booked a tour of the Lake Titicaca. First we went to visit one of the artificial floating islands inhabited by th...[Go to Post]

669 islaTest3

Transmission problems

This malfunction almost ended our trip! The chian got very worn and at one point it got off the rear sprocket. There was a chance ...[Go to Post]

479 chainTest3

Horea is next

Today I said goodbye to my friend Horea who left on a 8000 miles (planned) journey across USA. More about this on his blog. Let...[Go to Post]

1241 hfTest3

More Baja

We continued our way down with the intention to ride on the peninsula until Santa Rosalia and take the ferry to Hermosillo. Not mu...[Go to Post]

Fox EnsenadaTest3

The wooden houses

Many older houses in Paramaribu have a distinct architecture. In select areas they are properly maintained, but about to collapse ...[Go to Post]

par wood 3Test3

Mocanita from Maramures

In Viseu de Sus (Maramures County) there is one of the few (or maybe the only) remaining mountain railways with steam traction in ...[Go to Post]


The cars of Colombia

First good thing about traveling by motorcycle in Colombia is that you don’t have to pay tolls, or you pay less than others ...[Go to Post]

463 cars colombiaTest3

The haircut

After 3 weeks I decided it was time for a haircut. Like most businesses in Hanoi, the barber shop operates on the sidewalk (under ...[Go to Post]


Back in Delhi

Since, after one week of emailing back and forth, we were still without a firm and acceptable offer, we decided to return to Delhi...[Go to Post]


Good bye Iran! Hello Turkey!

We could not move forward with blogging without expressing our deepest consideration towards all Iranians who did everything withi...[Go to Post]


Reinforcements have arrived

Just recently we got a package. New visor for me (I scratched the brand new visor just after departure), Skullcandy ear buds for L...[Go to Post]


The Atacama desert (1/2)

There are two things one should know about the Atacama desert. First, it is the driest place on Earth. It never rains. So there is...[Go to Post]

813 ataTest3

Peak tram

Earlier transport methods up the Victoria Peak (such as humans or animals hauling cargo or passengers up the hill) proved unfeasib...[Go to Post]


Leaving Argentina

As we finished the Iguazu park, we were ready to leave Argentina once again (this was the fourth time we were exiting its territor...[Go to Post]

1064 KirchnerTest3

Jaipur (Rajasthan)

This could have easily been a fascinating place to relax, similar to Hoi An (1, 2), if it wouldn’t be for the omnipresent tr...[Go to Post]


Unusual transit systems

There are two underground funiculars in Istanbul. One of them, called “Tünel” is second-oldest subterranean urban rai...[Go to Post]


Manuel Antonio National Park

Some crocodiles en route, and then we got to the park. After a 30 minute walk we got to a beach. Monkeys were everywhere, plus igu...[Go to Post]

308 manuelTest3


As we got busier having fun during the trip, I also got more and more frustrated with uploading and adjusting one by one the pictu...[Go to Post]

3582 tulumTest3

Now, in the tropical zone

As we passed the Tropic of Cancer, while approaching the Nayarit state, we took a moment to make a picture with the sign....[Go to Post]

The tropicTest3


Feels good riding the motorcycle in Tehran: wide avenues, many expressways and no longer dependant on buses and unscrupulous taxi ...[Go to Post]

Test3 in press

The daily newspaper Evenimentul Zilei will keep a weekly journal of our trip here. Our trip was also presented (again) in 4tuning....[Go to Post]


Next was Iceland

What a paradox…. Greenland is mostly ice while Iceland is mostly green. Anyways, the flight to Iceland was easy and uneventf...[Go to Post]


Ajanta Caves

Unlike Ellora (known for their architecture), the Ajanta Caves are appreciated for the paintings. To better preserve them most cav...[Go to Post]


Esfahan 2/2

The Chehelsotoon Palace is highly appreciated for it’s exterior architecture (wooden columns, mirror decorations, water pool...[Go to Post]


(C) What type of food can you expect in Vietnam and Romania?

If you love exploring, traveling and discovering new countries and cultures, then you are sure to be enjoying reading our Asia to ...[Go to Post]


Ancient water management

For millenniums, the size of communities was determined by the amount of water readily available, which in desert is limited and i...[Go to Post]


The launch boat

Since Sapzurro and Capurgana are not connected to any road, the next step was to get us and Palomina aboard a launch boat in order...[Go to Post]

384 launch385 launchTest3


MSR manufactures a range of backpacking stoves. We decided to go for one that Whisperlite fits our needs, since it can burn a wide...[Go to Post]

018 cookingTest3

Guyana Space Center

The visit at the center lasted for about 3 hours. We moved by bus and visited two launch sites and two command centers. We learned...[Go to Post]

csg 1csg 2csg 3csg 4csg 5Test3


Ephesus, the former capital of Asia Minor, is the biggest and most impressive Greek/Roman archaeological site so far. Well preserv...[Go to Post]


Calcutta: the good things

As one might expect from the former capital of the British India, Calcutta has plenty of beautiful buildings (administrative, mans...[Go to Post]


Leisure time

Almost every day there was some leisure time allowed, either picnic, games, sports (such as running for 5km in Pyongyang) and amus...[Go to Post]


The prison

The old prison is nowadays home to all municipal museums, covering such aspects as ship navigation in the area, flora and fauna, t...[Go to Post]

964.5 museumTest3


Aphrodisias is a well preserved ancient city named after the Greek goddess Aphrodite. There is an open air museum as well as a cov...[Go to Post]


Bike maintenance

Acquiring BMW parts in this part of world turned to a real challenge. At the local factory dealer they had nothing on stock and ET...[Go to Post]

548 bmwTest3


Sinan Pasa, Bayazid and their attacks against the Romanian medieval countries: that’s – pretty much – what we le...[Go to Post]


¡Feliz Bicentenario Argentina!

Yesterday we returned to Buenos Aires to visit some museums. First we went to the National History Museum. Then we went to the Fil...[Go to Post]

1007 ba2Test3

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan was our next objective. It is surrounded by 2 volcanos and few villages inhabited by indigenous maya people. They spe...[Go to Post]

233 atitlanTest3

Buying fuel at the grocery store

In remote jungle areas gas station are nowhere to be found. But you can go to the grocery store and they will likely have it on st...[Go to Post]


Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

This was the first objective in Costa Rica. Wonderful jungle, cute little animals everywhere, a volcano and a lot of bicycle rider...[Go to Post]

302 arenalTest3

The Atacama desert (2/2)

The next morning we found out from the tourists we were just 20kms away from the Laguna Colorada. Also, I suddenly remembered I ha...[Go to Post]

826 ataTest3

Incredible India! (1 / 2)

One guy who saw my first post about the Indian roads commented that travelling with your own vehicle in this country is so unpleas...[Go to Post]



Back in Playa del Carmen after 5 days in Tulum. Airport waiting area very informal, more like a bus station. Fuel tanks too low &#...[Go to Post]

3599 mmunTest3


Built during the heyday of the Khmer empire (in the IX-XIII centuries), these temples cover a huge area just Nort of Siem Reap. On...[Go to Post]


Happy new year!

We are now in Chang Mai. Yesterday it was the Chinese new year, also observed in Thailand. We had a few beers to celebrate. All pe...[Go to Post]


The villages

From Sapa we took a 6 hours trip through the surrounding areas. We visited 2 villages inhabited by an ethnic group that migrated f...[Go to Post]



From Bombay we went South to see Goa, a former Portuguese colony, conquered by India in 1961. Very nice tropical scenery and the f...[Go to Post]


We got the Bolivian visas

Bolivia is the only country in our trip that requires a visa for Romanian citizens. Fortunately, the consulate was less than 10km ...[Go to Post]

Visa BoliviaTest3

Flat tire

For some reason, all flat tires happen during night time. Why? At least this one wasn’t in the neutral zone between two coun...[Go to Post]

622 flatTest3

Entering Peru

Northern Peru seemed extremely poor: trash was everywhere, few paved roads, unmaintained buildings and rudimentary vehicles only. ...[Go to Post]

506 peruTest3


Tiwanaku is the name of an archaeological site located close to Lake Titicaca. The history of the Tiwanaku culture is complex and ...[Go to Post]

683 tiw685 tiw686 tiw687 tiw688 tiw690 tiw691 tiw692 tiwTest3

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is the former capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire. Therefore, many old buildings and other interesting sights ca...[Go to Post]



After crossing that river I entered Albina, a poor village on the river bank. I had to stay there for one night because the insura...[Go to Post]


Crossing the Andes (2)

After Bogota we had to go back over the Andes to continue South to Cali on the Panamerican highway. We both agreed this is the mos...[Go to Post]

455 andTest3

The rotary phone

Discontinued in all other countries that we visited before, the rotary phone (with genuine pulse dialing) is still common in Ecuad...[Go to Post]

488 rotary pulseTest3

Brasilia (Capital Federal)

The plans for this city were laid in the ‘50s. As a result, many streets and buildings have odd but interesting shapes. In the c...[Go to Post]

1111 brasTest3

Stripped BMW

The condition of the bike is better than expected.  All the required parts have been ordered for ~ $600.  Hopefully, it will be ...[Go to Post]

Stripped BMWTest3

Humayun’s tomb

After losing his Agra throne in 1540, the Mughal Emperor Humayun (together with his wife and few followers) seek refuge to present...[Go to Post]


10.000 miles

As the bike reached 10.000 miles, things were still looking good. Only the ABS was not working. Probably some error code was recor...[Go to Post]


The end of Part 2

While we were originally hoping that part 2 of this trip was going to be the last one, the Pakistani consulate personnel messed up...[Go to Post]


The neighborhood

One day we decided to explore the nearby villages. Impressive off road capabilities for the scooter but too much dust in our shoes...[Go to Post]


The colony

Wherever we go, we try to find a point with a higher altitude from where we can get a better understanding of our surroundings. Wh...[Go to Post]

971 ushTest3

The plan (continued)

The first question was: what are the chances of succeeding? Which might be the risks? One very good source of info was ADVRider. T...[Go to Post]


San Miguel de Allende

This is another colonial town with good looking buildings. Too bad the streets are always crowded with cars. As we found out while...[Go to Post]

150 san miguel de allende151 san miguel152 san miguel153 san miguel154 san miguel155 san miguel156 san miguel157 san miguel158 san miguelTest3


The city of Kaesong is situated South of the 38th parallel (therefore was part of South Korea from 1945 until 1951) but was conque...[Go to Post]


La llantera

It was late and, as we were heading South on the Pan-American highway, suddenly a tropical rain started. Huge drops. A lot of wate...[Go to Post]

310 llanteraTest3

To Cuiaba

Laura, tired because of sun but also bored because of too much pampas One of the many cotton fields Laura, cleaning herself after ...[Go to Post]

1121 roadTest3


Greenland… I’m afraid I’m gonna have to add this one to the “Glad I got there, not going back” count...[Go to Post]


Film studio

This is the Pyongyang movie studio. Opened just after the founding of the country in 1949 to create patriotic features. Today ther...[Go to Post]


Tierra del Fuego national park

We spent half a day in this park. Since now it’s winter down there, not many tourists were present and everything was very q...[Go to Post]

948 parkTest3


En route back to Bangkok we stopped for one day in Ayutthaya, the former capital of the empire with the same name, another predece...[Go to Post]


In Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina

We are still alive, but unable to post. I understand the GPS tracker hasn´t been tracking for a while (I have to send a congratul...[Go to Post]


Our last day in Buenos Aires

This was our last visit in the capital city. Raining, as usual. First we went to Recoleta where we visited the famous cemetery whe...[Go to Post]

1019 bocaTest3

Christ the Redeemer

The statue of “Christ the Redeemer” is situated on top of the Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro. Even better than t...[Go to Post]

1087 corcovadoTest3

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut

After crossing West Virginia and Pennsylvania, I finally met my parents in New Jersey. I was pleased to see them again, since I...[Go to Post]

1232 philTest3

Thank you, Raphaelo!

Once in San Salvador we got to the BMW Motorrad dealership. Remember the ABS light was on since Guadalajara? Raphaelo, the BMW tec...[Go to Post]

264 raphaeloTest3

Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi

This archaeological site is located near Bhopal and contains the oldest stone structure in India, the great stupa, dating from III...[Go to Post]


More Andes

The next destination was Cusco, but in order to get there we had to go once again over the Andes (the pass was at 4200m). The view...[Go to Post]

619 cuzTest3

Unbelievable coincidence!

The other day I decided to email an acquaintance I haven’t spoken to in more than 6 months, merely to say “Hello”...[Go to Post]


The missing bridge

Just before reaching the shore we found out that the last bridge was still under construction and all vehicles had to go through t...[Go to Post]

347 missing bridgeTest3

The moments I hate Palomina

There is no other vehicle I ever had that has such a complicated oil changing procedure. Due to the dry sump system, I had to remo...[Go to Post]


The Mexican Jetta

We rented this 2012 VW Jetta for ground transportation while in Oaxaca. Was so surprised to see it equipped with NO AIRBAGS and wi...[Go to Post]



Pamukkale is an unusual site, where mineral deposits brought by water have created terraces. On top of the hill there is the ancie...[Go to Post]


São Paulo

After a long ride through the Brazilian pampas, we arrived in São Paulo. We stayed there for two days. The first day we were a bi...[Go to Post]

1068 sao pauloTest3

Sailing on the Amazon

Our ship was an older, wooden vessel with a carrying capacity of 100 passengers. But only about 30 passengers were aboard, so the ...[Go to Post]

1141 amazonTest3


We didn’t spend too much time in Colonia, instead we rode straight to Montevideo. And in case you’re wondering why the...[Go to Post]

1031 montevideTest3

Arrival in Sapzurro

Sapzurro is the first golf in Colombia. We unloaded Palomina first and then we went by taxi-boat to Capurgana, the next golf, to g...[Go to Post]

380 sapTest3

The flight over the Nazca lines

Created some 2000 years ago by the Nazca population, these drawings are today a major tourist attraction and another UNESCO World ...[Go to Post]

587 naz588 naz589 naz590 naz591 naz592 naz593 naz594 naz595 naz596 naz597 naz598 nazTest3


Found more Maya ruins in Palenque. So far the best archaeological site in Mexico, followed closely by Teotihuacan – that we ...[Go to Post]


Am I missing something?

Closing a motorcycle chain with the master link isn’t rocket science. But it seems it’s not that easy either. This is the thir...[Go to Post]

1065 chainTest3

Pablo Neruda National Railway Museum

From the bikers we learned about this museum, located in the city of Temuco. The museum was closed for repairs, since this year...[Go to Post]

901 trainTest3

The Sechura Desert

This is the second desert we had to cross, after the Sonoran Desert in Northern Mexico. But this was even more dry compared to the...[Go to Post]

520 secTest3

Red Fort; Qutb Minar

For some reason I forgot to attach this picture explaining Humayun’s journey to my previous post. Very interesting I would s...[Go to Post]


The bike is here

Yesterday Radu brought the bike to the garage. Romanian style hauling....[Go to Post]

The bikeTest3


Once in Potosi, we left our clothes at the laundry and then we began looking for fun. They had a visit to a local zinc and lead mi...[Go to Post]

745 potosi746 potosi747 potosi748 potosiTest3

The streets of Nepal

There is a disatvantage for having remained independent during the age of European colonization. That is nobody was in Nepal to bu...[Go to Post]


The Masaya Volcano

The Masaya Volcano is located inside the park with the same name. We took the night tour, that was supposed to show as the glow of...[Go to Post]

296 masayaTest3

The long way West

Since the last trip ended in New Jersey, Palomina has been resting and recovering there, in my parents’ garage. Now it’...[Go to Post]



The flight from Culiacan MMCL to Mazatlan MMMZ was short but fun, with broken clouds at 3000ft – some of the most fun clouds...[Go to Post]


Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile surprised us more than any other city in Latin America. Nobody could guess this is actually in America. The feel...[Go to Post]

863 santTest3

Some random Bangkok photos

First picture: one of the many alleys organized as bazaars. Then some local food made of insects (we didn’t try). A VW Bus c...[Go to Post]



More than one month passed since the end of the journey. We are now back at our day to day life, while Palomina is resting and rec...[Go to Post]


A trip to the countryside

There were two trips outside of the capital. One was towards Nampo (West) and the other one towards Kaesong (South). Other tours h...[Go to Post]


Xiamen (Fujian)

The next stop was Xiamen, in the Fujian province. This is less known tourist destination, visited mainly by Chinese. We saw only 2...[Go to Post]


Scala Rider Q2

Today I got the chance to test our duplex communication device.  I got from a Scala Rider Q2 Multiset manufactured by ...[Go to Post]

Scala Rider headsetTest3


We spent 3 days in Yazd. There is a nice old part of town worth visiting, with mud brick hotels, museums and narrow alleys. We sta...[Go to Post]


Museums: Postal and Communist Party

A postal system existed in China, under various forms, beginning with year 1600BC. However, such systems were inconsistent and usu...[Go to Post]


Royal palace and barges

The Royal palace complex is a popular tourist attraction. Still used today for official business, but most of it can be visited. A...[Go to Post]


The high Andean plateaus

From Cusco we continued through the Andean plateaus on our way to Lake Titicaca. Except for the mountains, the land was so flat as...[Go to Post]

664 plateau665 pl666 pl667 pl668 plTest3

Shoei CRAP

I wasn’t decided to part ways with my old Nolan helmet that I was using for 4-5 years. We have been through so many things t...[Go to Post]


Getting out

All travelers, except for US citizens, have the option to depart the country by train. We choose to do this to have the chance to ...[Go to Post]


Siem Reap

We left Phnom Penh and, later the same day, we arrived in Siem Reap. Many tourists everywhere, very popular destination. We got di...[Go to Post]


México, D.F.: Fixing the bike

I am writing this from Acapulco de Juarez, Guerrero. Meaning that I am about 4 days late with the postings. We spent 4 nights in M...[Go to Post]

165 fixTest3

Foglights upgrade

I spent a fortune on those so I decided to make sure they last for a while. The Touratech shield was fancy but weak, so I decided ...[Go to Post]


The trip to the North, part 2

Once we advanced further towards the North we found many terraces, virtually taking all the landscape. The road climbed up to arou...[Go to Post]


Energy problems

No, this is not Palomina’s Rotax. Instead, it is our hotel’s power generator. It looks like we’re going to spend...[Go to Post]


Spot reminder

This is the link to use to see the progress. Until I figure out how to make a new page to include that, I will have to repost....[Go to Post]


The auto hotel

A very popular accomodation in this part of world is the so-called “auto motel”. Each unit is formed by a garage + a r...[Go to Post]

166 hotelTest3

The road to Calcutta

To survive the streets of India you need a good driver, good brakes, good horn and good luck. That’s what a local taxi drive...[Go to Post]


Food and beer

We enjoy Korean food and eat it regularly. So we were eager to see how Korean food made in Korea tastes like. We had a very pleasa...[Go to Post]


Volcan Pacaya

As we reached the Pacaya Volcan, a guy jumped from the bushes and stopped us. With a maceta in his hand he informed us he was a se...[Go to Post]

250 pacTest3

A trip to the North

While waiting for the customs broker/customs officials to do their homework, we decided to take a 4 days trip in the Northern moun...[Go to Post]



While we were stopped at a restaurant on the side of the road, another rider passed by. He saw our BMW heavily loaded and he turne...[Go to Post]


Touring in Romania

One thing I really missed was dirt biking in the Romanian countryside. So I joined 3 friends for a day trip near Pitesti. Nice hil...[Go to Post]


Muddy days

Day 1: We were in a village searching for a hotel. It was around 8:30PM when we entered a muddy street because I thought there was...[Go to Post]

1041 muddyTest3

Other Hong Kong attractions

Hong Kong has one of the highest population densities in the world. One would expect an apocalyptic congestion at street level dou...[Go to Post]



Cusco, the historical capital of the Inca empire, is the best looking city we found in Peru, with narrow streets and old buildings...[Go to Post]

624 cus625 cus626 cus627 cus630 cus631 cus633 cusTest3

Find the spot is providing this satellite messenger + GPS tracker that we decided to have. The unit itself was $150 and the plan ...[Go to Post]

Find the spotTest3

The long recovery

During the winter, Palomina is going through a long recovery process. My father took it apart and found some broken plastic items ...[Go to Post]



The guides emphasized how the revolution improved the education in DPRK, increasing literacy rate by providing free compulsory sch...[Go to Post]


More welding

In Panama City we almost lost the rear plate and the Pelican case together with that. Somehow all the weldings were cracked. A loc...[Go to Post]

343 weldingTest3


We actually visited Kathmandu just after arrival in Nepal, but I couldn’t write about it at that time as there was no reliab...[Go to Post]


Americas 2010 on

Same article, this time in English....[Go to Post]


Isfahan 1/2

Isfahan’s main tourist area is the Imam Square. At one end it has the Imam Mosque (a UNESCO World Heritage site, together wi...[Go to Post]


The village across the river

For 3USD on top of the 5USD paid for the My Son tour, we got back to Hoi An by boat instead of bus (lunch included in price!) We h...[Go to Post]


Leaving Buenos Aires

Even though we would have stayed longer, we had to leave. The next destination was Colon, right across Rio de la Plata. On our way...[Go to Post]

1024 leaving baTest3

Leatherman Wave + tie downs

The toys started coming in.  I got this Leatherman Wave for $65 on Amazon. Does not look as cool as my friends Skeletool, but it ...[Go to Post]


To be continued

After 41.200km, Americas 2010 is finally over! We are fortunate to have been able to enjoy a six month vacation that we will never...[Go to Post]

1237 palominaTest3


Officially named Ho Chi Minh City, but still called under the old/short name by most people, this is the economic center of Vietna...[Go to Post]


Shipping problems

There seems to be a problem with shipping. Although the motorcycle was supposed to be here on the 4th, 7 days later the shipping c...[Go to Post]


Getting used to handle the Hanoi traffic

The traffic in Hanoi is hilarious! There seems to be not a single rule that is always in effect yet no accidents! We rented a 125c...[Go to Post]


Bhimbetka rock shelters (Madhya Pradesh)

The paintings found in the rock shelters at Bhimbetka are, most likely, the oldest man-made thing we’ve seen in our life. Th...[Go to Post]


Crossing the Oiapoque

Like every time before when we had to cross a body of water (except for that time when we crossed the Magellan Strait in Chile), c...[Go to Post]

1160 oiapoqueTest3

Almost ready!

After replacing or fixing many broken/ worn/ missing/ cracked/ bent/ corroded/ burnt/ leaking/ uneven parts, our bike is now almos...[Go to Post]


The motorcycle meeting

We were some 100kms South of Santiago, stopped at a gas station having a snack. A biker with a R1200GS stopped and we began talkin...[Go to Post]

893 mcTest3

The crew – the equipment the mission

Beginning on the 12th of August, me and my friend Bogdan have been flying thin cute little Mooney from California with the intenti...[Go to Post]


Amritsar (Punjab) 2/2

Apart from the Golden Temple, there are many other Sikh or Hindu temples in Amritsar. An interesting example is Mata Temple. In ad...[Go to Post]


Machu Picchu

As any tourist visiting Peru, we wanted to check out this place as well. But everybody seems to be interested in making this exper...[Go to Post]

634 mac639 mac640 mac642 mac643 mac644 mac645 mac647 macTest3

The train cemetery of Uyuni

Very close to Uyuni there is a train cemetery. The dry climate is ideal for preservation, however many of them are cut in pieces a...[Go to Post]

781 trainTest3

Lost in the jungle

Yungas Road was exciting but not as challenging as expected (by me, hehe!), so I began looking for thrills elsewhere. I found soon...[Go to Post]

737 jungleTest3

Hanging out in French Guyana

This weekend was very boring. In Cayenne, most stores remained closed, public library also closed, nobody on the street. So for Su...[Go to Post]


Desert riding

Feels good to be cruising at 150km/h, for the first time in this trip. The road from Bandar Abbas to Tehran is good and traffic is...[Go to Post]


Good news bad news

Bike arrived today in Hanoi. But without the papers. Shipping company again messed up. For some unknown reason, they shipped the d...[Go to Post]


Lima, Peru

Once in Lima we took some pictures, first in the Miraflores (beach) area and then in the older District. At some point we got stop...[Go to Post]

531 lima532 lima533 lima534 lima535 lima536 lima537 lima538 lima540 lima541 lima543 lima544 lima545 limaTest3

Van Nuys to San Felipe (MMSF)

The first leg of the trip was just under 3 hours. Flew along the coast to San Diego, then direct to San Felipe over Tijuana Intern...[Go to Post]


Visa Ordinaire pour Republique Islamique de Mauritanie

So… we decided to have some options, just in case we get bored in South America…...[Go to Post]


The ore trucks

As a result of the War of the Pacific, Chile annexed it’s current Northern regions from neighbors Bolivia and Peru. Lucky th...[Go to Post]

848 truckTest3

Americas 2010 featued on

Our journey was presented in the news section of, but they “forgot” to mention the source of the info :-\...[Go to Post]


Crevetzi Vietnamezi

For the Christmas the hotel organized a party. Note the “crevetzi vietnamezi” (expanded schrimp) Brings back memories ...[Go to Post]


The funny commercials

Once South of Lima the landscape greatly improved. Everything was cleaner and at least seemed to be better organized. Also, a lot ...[Go to Post]

557 funnyTest3

The Cu Chi tunnels

As opposed to the Vinh Moc tunnels (built to host families) these were build to support the guerillas harassing the US garrison ne...[Go to Post]


The Mumbai Mail

Having had such bad experience with the Indian roads, we decided to continue the trip by train. Eager to get out of Calcutta as so...[Go to Post]



Oaxaca is the next state we crossed. We enjoyed the remote beaches, something I have not seen since I visited Grindul Chituc, in R...[Go to Post]

198 oaxTest3

Leon Viejo

Leon Viejo is the old capital of Nicaragua, from the Spanish times. It was preserved after a volcanic eruption covered everything ...[Go to Post]

282 leon viejoTest3

Hoi An

Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage site for being an example of well preserved trading port from 15th to 19th centuries. Once South...[Go to Post]


Crashing in the wall

For the sake of variation and in order to satisfy my needs for adrenaline, sometimes I take Palomina (and Laura) off-roading. This...[Go to Post]

487 wallTest3

Moncopulli Auto Museum

After Osorno we changed our heading towards East, in order to get to Argentina. After 25km there is an interesting auto museum, so...[Go to Post]

910 autoTest3

The bridge over the river Kwai

Well, it wasn’t exactly the Kwai river, but I really liked that movie! So, we entered Nicaragua with a full tank of gas but ...[Go to Post]

276 bridgeTest3

10 days left!

More shopping, more work on the bike and more testing. Still a lot to be done but only 10 days left!...[Go to Post]


The BenQ DC C1250 camera

So, we purchased this BenQ camera from Montevideo to replace the Canon A710 which I have been using happily for more than four yea...[Go to Post]


La Trochita

La Trochita (or The Old Patagonian Express) is the name of a 402km long railway system running from Esquel to Ingeniero Jacobacci ...[Go to Post]

918 trochita919 tro920 tro921 tro922 tro923 tro924 tro925 tro926 tro927 tro928 troTest3

Panama City, Panama

Panama City was our first stop in Panama. The city surprised us with the beauty of the old center and the spectacular waterfront o...[Go to Post]

322 panTest3


There was a mix of old an new on the streets of DPRK. Side by side were 1950s GAZ, 1980s Mercedes-Benz, 2000s Ladas and 2010 Audis...[Go to Post]


More help from random people

We were some 100kms West of Bariloche, in Argentina. After more than one hour of heavy raining, our clothes got soaked (I must wri...[Go to Post]

915 helpTest3

Izmir & Pergamon

This is Izmir, a city on the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean see. It has a cute winding road on the side of the beach. Not too ...[Go to Post]


The new plan

With a tent, a few tools and some clothing loaded, we are once again ready for trip. Not by road but by air this time: N29028, a s...[Go to Post]


Sinaloa, Mexico

As we crossed the mountains and reached the coast, in the city of Hermosillo, the wheather was once again warm. We continued our w...[Go to Post]


Spare parts, part 1

New brake pads, oil and oil filter installed. Replacement clutch and accelerator cables routed along the existing ones, ready to b...[Go to Post]

New partsTest3

Government propaganda

As you might know, propaganda is very strong in the DPRK. The cult of personality is far beyond what I witnessed in Romania 25 yea...[Go to Post]


Plan B: Asia

While attempting to obtain visas for the countries in Africa I discovered most of them are tourist unfriendly, especially some on ...[Go to Post]


The Bridge over the river Kwai

This time, the real one. Almost. The railway is indeed the Burma railway, built during the WW2 by the Japanese using some 160k Asi...[Go to Post]


The cars of Mexico

As we were riding South through Mexico, I observed how the typical vehicle on the street was also evolving. If the standard car in...[Go to Post]

207 car208 car209 car210 car211 car212 car213 car214 car215 carsTest3

Heavy raining

Approaching Hermolsillo, we encountered heavy raining. During the first hour, the gear resisted quite well. But after that, moistu...[Go to Post]


Tughlaqabad Fort

This fort is the 5th of the 7 historic cities of Delhi (we also saw another two, the Red Fort and Purana Qila). Not much is left o...[Go to Post]


Tulum ruins

The Maya ruins in Tulum might not be the biggest nor the best preserved aboriginal sites, but they sure are located in the most sp...[Go to Post]

3594 tulTest3

The Iguazu falls

The Iguazu falls was our last Argentinian objective. The waterfall itself is big, and the park surrounding it is even bigger. Ther...[Go to Post]

1054 iguTest3

The Bangkok rail system

To keep up with the rapid expansion, the city built various rail transit systems. One of them is the regular subway. All stations ...[Go to Post]


The second day in Mexico City; Tudor

I was happy to see Tudor (and his girlfriend) during our second day in the center. Last time we saw each other it was 2-3 years ag...[Go to Post]

183 tudorTest3

Beijing 2

As soon as we returned to Beijing from the DPRK we decided to circumvent the mobility problem by renting a pair if bicycles. Final...[Go to Post]



We met Mike, from Germany, in a gas station in Northern Argentina. He had been traveling on his old Africa Twin for one year, and ...[Go to Post]

1047 mike1048 mikeTest3

Chinese Shanghai

Given the history of this city as a international business center, most of it’s famous neighborhoods were shaped in a Wester...[Go to Post]


The Florida keys revisited

Not much changed in the keys since 2012 but this time there was enough time to visit the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum in Key West &#...[Go to Post]

3627 keysTest3

The War remnants museum, Saigon

As opposed to other war museums (which focus on the fighting itself), this one focuses more on two different aspects: the internat...[Go to Post]


By train to Shanghai

The fast train took nearly 5 hours to cover the 1300km from Beijing to Shanghai. Very exciting! It ran mostly on dedicated, elevat...[Go to Post]


Accomodation in India

After almost one month in India we haven’t found one neat&clean-yet-affordable-place-to-sleep-for-the tired-traveller. ...[Go to Post]


Stucked again

Stucked again, this time at the border between Oaxaca and Chiapas. After purchasing a new relay, I discovered the issue was actual...[Go to Post]

205 stuckedTest3

Change of plan

Finally, after riding for four days through the Amazonian forest, we made it to Santarem. But in the meantime an old friend, who r...[Go to Post]

1128 amazonTest3

Blogging from Taiwan

After a 14.5 hrs flight we arrived in Taipei, the first stop en route to Vietnam. Unfortunately, due to some paperwork issues, the...[Go to Post]


The Dakar KTM

Many people in Argentina are somehow involved in motorsport. We’ve seen many racing cars or bikes being transported on trail...[Go to Post]

1036 ktm1037 ktm1038 ktmTest3

Agra (Uttar Pradesh)

First thing in Agra we went to the Taj Mahal. It was built in the XVII century by Mughal Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his wife, M...[Go to Post]


Final preparations

Since most of the troubles during the past trip came from the clip type chain master link, I decided to use a rivet link this time...[Go to Post]


Acapulco de Juárez, Guerrero

After ~400km on a very EXPENSIVE freeway and a night of camping in the wild, we finally got to the beach again. This time in Acapu...[Go to Post]

193 acaTest3

Leaving the beaches

I’ve never been in love with the sun and the beaches. By the time I got to Savannah, Georgia, I had already too much of thos...[Go to Post]

1210 welcomeTest3

Cerro San Cristóbal

This is one of the biggest parks in Santiago. Taking advantage of the hilly terrain, the designers installed here a funicular syst...[Go to Post]

882 parkTest3

The Bangkok waterways

Apart from the Chao Phraya River, there are hundreds of narrow canals servicing many neighborhoods in Bangkok. One can book a tour...[Go to Post]


Entering Nicaragua; Rob and Mike

We entered Nicaragua on a stormy day. There we saw very long trucks, similar to the ones they have in Australia. Then we met Rob a...[Go to Post]

281 canadaTest3


On our way to Potosi we met Bjorn, from Germany. He has been traveling for two years now. See his very interesting website here....[Go to Post]

738 bjornTest3

The professional bystander

Since Nepal we became accustomed with having at least 5 people watching closely the bike during each stop. But this accomplishment...[Go to Post]


Suspension tune-up

Longer spacers + lowering the tubes in the triple tree is 25mm. In the rear, replacing the Koubalinks with regular BMW links is an...[Go to Post]

Fork tubes loweredTest3


The plan was to get from Los Angeles to Rio de Janeiro in two and a half months. We are now in Rio, just two and a half months lat...[Go to Post]

1102 nextTest3


I must say there are only a few cities that we enjoyed more than Krakow. With a vivid and colorful appearance, many parks and R...[Go to Post]


From Potosi to Uyuni

From Potosi to Uyuni the road goes around some hills and through many canyons, occasionally accompanied by the railway tracks of t...[Go to Post]

740 andesTest3

Mate de coca

The coca tea is served everywhere in Peru and Bolivia and sometimes in Ecuador and Chile. Also, one can buy the leaves the same wa...[Go to Post]

706 coca708 cocaTest3

Demilitarized zone

Our tour included a visit to the DMZ. As we were driving South I was able to see several groups of defensive obstacles. The road i...[Go to Post]


Slovakia Ring

My old Romanian motorcycle friends informed me there was a track event in Slovakia, near Bratislava, so we decided to extend the t...[Go to Post]


The Military Museum

The fall of Constantinople is depicted with paintings, models and artifacts at the Military Museum. This is the chain the defender...[Go to Post]


The Kuna Taxi

Seeing the dock, I was expecting some sort of Ro-Ro feature but no, we had to muscle Palomina (the bike’s name, after the ho...[Go to Post]

360 kunaTest3


We arrived in Kashmir and found accommodation on a houseboat. All Kashmiri people, just like our hosts, are very different than ot...[Go to Post]


The miner’s strike is causing more delays

So, we’ve been here in Nazca for the past 11 days waiting for an EMS shipment with parts from USA that was supposed to take ...[Go to Post]

600 strikeTest3

Across the USA

The first part of the trip was pretty smooth, except for a little thunderstorm in the vicinity of Prescott, AZ. We did refuelling ...[Go to Post]


The Phong Nha cave

It is located in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. To get inside the cave, you take a boat and cruise the river for about 30 mi...[Go to Post]


The first crash

Finally, it happened! It was night, and a road work area came after a very fast section. I reduced the speed but not enough. We ha...[Go to Post]



Basically, the whole idea about this blog is to have a way to track the status of preparations for our journey in South America an...[Go to Post]



Oaxaca city center was “occupied” by protesters requesting some politicians sent to jail for fraud. Other than that a ...[Go to Post]



Tabriz was our last scheduled stop in Iran. We spent the night with some Azeri students in their dormitory. They cooked some food ...[Go to Post]


The mine (Part 2 – inside)

After chewing some coca leaves (the local custom… or maybe to get in the mood for what was to follow) we got inside. The fir...[Go to Post]

766 minaTest3

Tehran museums

The Golestan Palace, a former Qajar royal residence, today houses 6 museums focused on arts and crafts, as well as gifts received ...[Go to Post]


Mina Cata

Besides the Guanajuato center, the nearby mines are also on the UNESCO World Heritage list. So we visited one of these mines. Can...[Go to Post]

Mina cataTest3

The repairs

It took me and another guy from a shop around 12 hours, but now Palomina has a new water pump, oil seals, chain, sprockets, front ...[Go to Post]

607 fixTest3

Motorcycle and equipment review

While I was shopping for a motorcycle I had in mind the warnings I was receiving from everybody: “you are going to be robbed...[Go to Post]


National Museum of China

The National Museum of China is conveniently located on the side of Tiananmen Square. It has collections covering from ancient tim...[Go to Post]


The first flat tire

It finally happened. One morning I find the rear tire flat due to a nail puncture. Not a problem, I used my portable air compresso...[Go to Post]


Arrival in La Plata

After the bellow mentioned problems, we finally arrived in La Plata, which is the capital of the Buenos Aires province. Dan, a Rom...[Go to Post]

978 dan nancyTest3

Still alive

Sorry I have been unable to post during the past week, but we were somewhere in the middle of the Atacama desert, struggling to ad...[Go to Post]


The bike

The next question was which kind of bike to use.  A guy i know, Marcos, (we used to go off road-ing together in Romania) used his...[Go to Post]


The plan

We could not tell exactly when we first got this idea. Most likely, it happened long time ago, while we were still reading Jules V...[Go to Post]


Test ride #2 (off road)

A second test ride in the hills South of Bouquet Reservoir revealed that the job we did on the front suspension came out pretty go...[Go to Post]


La plata and the “milonga”

Owing it to it’s relatively recent development, La Plata has a strange and funny street pattern, a combination of grids, dia...[Go to Post]

1021 la plata1022 la plata1023 la plataTest3

La Paz

Situated at an elevation of 3660m above sea level, La Paz is the world´s highest capital city. There are many hills, from which w...[Go to Post]

694 lapTest3

Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II – Birkenau

Heading North we arrived in Poland. We visited Oświęcim, better known under it’s former name – Auschwitz. This is wh...[Go to Post]


Agricultural visit and industry briefing

We visited two farms in DPRK: Taesongsan combined fruit farm and Chongsan-ri vegetable co-operative farm. Each time, the guides em...[Go to Post]


First day in Mexico City

The first day we spent in the center we took some pictures. Since it was Saturday, the streets were overcrowded with cars and peop...[Go to Post]

176 mxTest3

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

So, once again, ready to roll. This is how the GS looks now, fully loaded with all the gear. But the problems did not wait to show...[Go to Post]


El cambiador

“El cambiador” is a person like this one who makes a living by exchanging currency at border crossings. Please note th...[Go to Post]

275 cambiadoresTest3


Plenty of watches are available for the adventure people. But out of all the Tissot T-Touch series combines features, style and in...[Go to Post]

024 tissotTest3

Ming Tombs and Great Wall

First 4 pictures are from a visit to the Ming Dynasty tombs. There is an exhibit hall with burial objects. Unfortunately, our tour...[Go to Post]


Palomina ready to roll

With the help of Carlos and his colleagues, Palomina is once again roadworthy. We changed the oil, tires, water pump seals and fix...[Go to Post]

1012 fixxxxTest3

Kalka – Shimla railway

This century old railway is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, together with the DHR railway, noted for it’s technical achie...[Go to Post]


The crew

Laura, 28, Romanian – enjoys outdoor sports and other related activities, except for those which may cause injury.  She wil...[Go to Post]

Radu + Laura @ raftingTest3

We’ve got some options

Just found this bike at a local dealer.  Has some front end damage, however the rest looks OK.  Only 6k miles.  We agreed on $2...[Go to Post]

Wrecked F650GSWrecked F650GSTest3

Towards the Caspian shore

Soon after Tehran the scenery improved dramatically, as we decided to cross the mountains to reach the Caspian sea. Many tunnels, ...[Go to Post]


The Salvadorian Military Museum

This is the only museum we visited while in El Salvador. The collection was limited, but they had some interesting items: a numism...[Go to Post]

268 museum269 museum270 museum271 museum272 museumTest3

More friends

In Brasilia we encountered more friendly people: Joe and Eladio. They invited us to stay at their houses, fed us and also wanted t...[Go to Post]

1117 friendly1118 friendly1119 friendly1120 friendlyTest3

From Cuenca to Macará

This was the last segment of road before exiting Ecuador and the third crossing over the Andes. Very spectacular views. For the fi...[Go to Post]

501 macaraTest3


In the middle of Ankara we found this citadel, on top of a hill. It is the oldest part of the city, build during the Roman times. ...[Go to Post]


The end of Part 1

We are now at the end of our 7900km journey through Indochina. It was an amazing opportunity to discover new things and have fun a...[Go to Post]


Tire repair kit

Together with the tire irons and the bead breaker, this one will make our lives way easier in case of flat tire....[Go to Post]

Tire kitTest3


Not much is today left from pre war Pyongyang because it was razed by US carpet bombing during the 1950-1953 war. It was quickly r...[Go to Post]


Key West / Miami from above

Landed in Key West, Florida, went through the customs, allowed to proceed. Night flight above the Overseas Highway towards Tamiami...[Go to Post]

3606 keywTest3

National Rail Museum, Delhi

First day in Delhi we visited the railway museum. It has a toy train ride and also an indoor exposition. It is the only museum we ...[Go to Post]


A ride through the Kuna reservation

The kunas are indigenous people living in the coastal areas of Panama and Colombia. To get to Carti, our destination, we had to ri...[Go to Post]

346 jungleTest3

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

Upon reaching Bhopal (scene of the worst industrial disaster in history) we found the family of a friend, ex co worker at Columbia...[Go to Post]


Old Constantinople

Some of the oldest ruins visible today are the walls of Constantinople, built in the V century by Emperor Theodosius II. Most of t...[Go to Post]


The Patagonian plateau

What you see in this picture is what we saw for about 5000km 🙁 I can hardly remember any other situation that bored me more. Bu...[Go to Post]

976 patagoniaTest3

The Nepalese food

Nepalese traditional food is “thali”. Rice with a selection of vegetable sauces and a mutton or chicken dish. Better b...[Go to Post]



Na’in is a small town in central Iranian desert. With the help of tour guide and internet cafe owner Mahmood Mohammadipour (...[Go to Post]


The Northern Carolina Transportation Museum

I made the first important stop at this museum located in Spencer, NC. It is housed inside an old steam locomotives repair shop an...[Go to Post]

1218 nctransTest3

Technical difficulties

What might be more fun on a rainy day than a broken ignition wire? Of course, the only one to blame is me, since I did not pay att...[Go to Post]

160 problemsTest3

A busy street in Hanoi

This is how a busy street in Hanoi looks like. But it could be even worse. Once I got caught in a jam that was so tight that not e...[Go to Post]


Interactive map

...[Go to Post]


Palomina indefinitely disabled

Somehow, the water pump kit that we purchased in Peru is leaking. So, during the first day in BA we got a new one from the dealer....[Go to Post]


Parting ways

Since two days ago we are in Cayenne, French Guyana. Trying to sell Palomina here is less successful than expected. So today I app...[Go to Post]

1162 spaceTest3


First picture: the King of Thailand does not wear shorts, so tourists are not allowed to wear them either while visiting the Royal...[Go to Post]


Setting the sail

I am still to post pictures from half of Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. But I don’t have time for that right now, as late...[Go to Post]


Few more pictures from the French Guyana

Creeks and swamps are very common in that area. Somewhere in the Brazilina jungle we lost the license plate. I had to stop at a sh...[Go to Post]

guy 4Test3

Shopping in São Paulo

About three days earlier, while charging the laptop and the intercom at a gas station, there was a fluctuation of electricity and ...[Go to Post]

1077 shopping1078 shoppingTest3

The Teleferiqo

The observation point (located at about 4100m above sea level) can be reached using the Teleferiqo, after an impressive 30-40 minu...[Go to Post]

484 telefTest3

More electricity problems

Just as I was writing about the energy crisis in Nepal I found myself in a unusual but related situation. I went to the barbershop...[Go to Post]



After Nayarit comes Jalisco. While riding East, we passed several agave (the plant used to make tequila) fields, in the vicinity o...[Go to Post]

121 tequila jalisco120 tequila jalisco122 volcano jaliscoTest3

Still alive!

We are still alive, on a mountain road somewhere in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas. I will update the blog as soon as I hav...[Go to Post]



Sukhothai was the capital of the Siamese empire (predecessor of Thailand) during the XII-XIV centuries. While not as impressive as...[Go to Post]


The weapon of choice

So: in Mexico every security guard had an M16 hanging of his neck. Then in Guatemala it seems you can´t go very far without a mac...[Go to Post]

267 weaponTest3

The Panama Canal

The main tourist attraction in Panama City area is the Panama Canal. At the Miraflores Locks (some 15km South of the city) there i...[Go to Post]

335 canalTest3

James and the winds

When we were happy that the rains were over, another meteorological issue arrised: very heavy winds from the side. For fear that w...[Go to Post]

204 jamesTest3

The Sugarloaf Mountain

The Sugarloaf Mountain is easily accessible by cable car (built in 1912, claimed to be the third in the world, after Spain in 1907...[Go to Post]

1103 pan1104 pan1105 pan1106 pan1107 panTest3

Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

The capital of Guatemala was a real disappointment for both of us. Except for the central square, all the streets in the historic ...[Go to Post]

245 guateTest3

Civil engineering

This is a water delivery system, as per the Indian civil engineering norms. Instead of having a water main pipe under the street, ...[Go to Post]



Around 150km South-East of Bangkok is Pattaya. The islands might be nice (we didn’t go there) but the continental beach itse...[Go to Post]



It’s time to congratulate our third crew member for the 40,000 miles (64,000 km) succesfully completed. That’s 50,500 ...[Go to Post]


Wat Saket – Golden mountain

The modern temple named Wat Saket is built on an artificial hill near the city center. The whole construction took more than 100 y...[Go to Post]



Sudbury was advertised on the Canadian immigration website as a port of entry. However, upon landing there (following a direct fli...[Go to Post]



On the way to Calcutta we decided to camp in a forest, in the immediate vicinity of Chandipur, a muslim village. We cooked a soup,...[Go to Post]


Royal Palace – Silver Pagoda

This is perhaps the singe most important attraction in Phnom Penh. I was expecting some similarities with the Vietnamese style but...[Go to Post]


Epilogue (2)

Same way I did in 2010, I was planning on writing a short epilogue to conclude the Asia trip. However, after reaching Los Angeles,...[Go to Post]


At the KTM shop

While shopping around for 4T oil (very hard to find there) we entered a KTM store. To our surprise, a promotional video from Roman...[Go to Post]

551 ktmTest3

Entering El Salvador; Tazumal

Tazumal archaeological site is another example of Mayan civilization. Even if it was closed, since it was Monday, we got a pretty ...[Go to Post]

259 salv tazumal260 salv258 salvTest3

Westernized Shanghai

Give the fact that, at least since the 1840s, Shanghai was the hub for Western businesses that had a branch in China, most of the ...[Go to Post]



Xocimilco is a community nearby Mexico City that is famous for it’s network of canals. Being on the UNESCO list, it was also...[Go to Post]

191 xoc192 xocTest3

Hue – the imperial city

Hue was the imperial capital of Vietnam from early 1800s until 1945. The emperor built, in many stages, a complete residence surro...[Go to Post]


Oaxaca Maya ruins

Some Maya ruins can be found not to far away from Oaxaca. Rainy day, but we found cover under a centuries old arch....[Go to Post]


Valle de la Luna

This park is a true lunar experience on Earth! It is located just 10kms West of San Pedro de Atacama. Once off the highway, there ...[Go to Post]

836 lunaTest3

Americas 2010 featured at Radio Guerilla

As a result of a live interview at Radio Guerilla that brought a lot of traffic, the blog was down for 1-2 days. The bandwidth all...[Go to Post]


Palenque to Playa del Carmen

Palenque is a 6 months fresh airport so no piston engine fuel is available yet, only jet. Our plane is certified to use automotive...[Go to Post]


Camping location

After leaving Nazca, the road climbed sharply. It was getting cold and dark and there was no trace of any village, not to mention ...[Go to Post]

610 campTest3

The restaurant and the people who don’t respect the deal

On our way to Chiapas we stopped at another restaurand on the side of the road. While our lunch was being preprared, I decided to ...[Go to Post]

203 dinerosTest3


After receiving a last moment order from MaxBMW we took Palomina to the shipping company. After this, I already feel more relaxed....[Go to Post]


Incredible India! (2 / 2)

Road traffic is another incredible thing in India. In most countries, a double lane divided road improves safety. Not in India, be...[Go to Post]


More adventure travellers encountered

As I said earlier, Ushuaia is a checkpoint for many tourists visiting South America. We ran into Nick, from NYC, who is now biking...[Go to Post]

937 travel938 travelTest3

Amritsar (Punjab) 1/2

On the way back from Kashmir we stopped in Amritsar. The most important attraction in the city is the Golden Temple, the main Sikh...[Go to Post]


Hong Kong

Such a big surprise was Hong Kong for us! One of the few cities we visited so far where, after being there for 6 days, we had to l...[Go to Post]



This is Edirne. It has a well preserved old district, as well as a few mosques. The most interesting sight in this city is the Med...[Go to Post]



Our next stop was in Medellin. Pablo Escobar was no longer there so things were quite smooth. The first day we used Palomina to si...[Go to Post]

413 medTest3

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Immediately after the border, EVERYTHING CHANGED. In Mexico there was a dry/warm climate, flat land and an average of 2-300m altit...[Go to Post]

221 queTest3

The road to Uyuni

The next thing on our list was Salar de Uyuni, but in order to see it we first had to ride to Uyuni. The views were spectacular bu...[Go to Post]

773 roadTest3


Being vaccinated against yellow fever is a requirement in order to apply for visa for Bolivia.  We paid $170 in US and a little u...[Go to Post]

Internation certificate of vaccinationTest3

Nemrut Mountain

On top of the Nemrut Mountain there is a group of statues and other archaeological artifacts dating from I century BC. Apart from ...[Go to Post]



We found Bombay was in much better condition than Calcutta, but very expensive as well. The cheapest room in the tourist district ...[Go to Post]


Antalya & Olympos

Although acclaimed by many beach going tourists, Antalya doesn’t have too much to offer… apart from the sea side and t...[Go to Post]


The Noibai Customs office

I arrived today at 8:30AM at the customs office in Noibai to clear the shipment. The amount of required paperwork was incredible. ...[Go to Post]


Ellora Caves (Maharashtra)

Our patience has finally paid back. Just watch this true wonder. A prime example of World Heritage Site, at par with the Angkor or...[Go to Post]



We arrived recently in Beijing and we had one day before departing to North Korea. I felt incapacitated without wheels so I decide...[Go to Post]


The snake wine

While waiting for the train at the bar we found this snake wine, a quite unusual drink. Since I am not the most knowledgeable pers...[Go to Post]


The Kuna village

There were hundreds of small islands on our way. Usually after 5PM the catamaran was anchored close to one of them and we were abl...[Go to Post]

373 kuna374 kuna375 kunaTest3

The Amapa jungle

After completing the 1000km of jungle South of Amazon we said to ourselves “How easy. That was it?”. But here, in Braz...[Go to Post]

1152 jungleTest3

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala, a former capital of Guatemala, is a colonial town with narrow streets and nice spanish buildings. It is, actual...[Go to Post]

237 anti238 anti239 anti240 antiTest3

Guanajuato, Guanajuato

One thing that distinguishes Guanajuato from other cities is the network of underground tunnels. Some time ago a river was flowing...[Go to Post]


A ropeway above the tea plantations

Prior to the introduction of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, the journey from Siliguri to Darjeeling took up to 5 days, employin...[Go to Post]


The Chilean “autobahn”

In Chile we found the best freeway system since USA. The road is properly insulated and has very good asphalt. The signaling looks...[Go to Post]

858 autobahnTest3

The Mekong river delta

Fom Saigon we took a 15USD/person day tour to the Mekong river delta. The boat first took us to the floating market (where merchan...[Go to Post]


More bystanders

Although not as many as in the West or South, bystanders continue to be a nuisance, especially due to their high number. Almost an...[Go to Post]


Guadalajara, Jalisco

Allthough Guadalajara is Mexico’s second most populous municipality, we only had few hours for sightseeing. We spent the tim...[Go to Post]

124 guada125 guada126 guada127 guada128 guada129 guada130 guada131 guadaTest3

Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat and a major tourist attraction in Bolivia. It measures around 200km from Eas...[Go to Post]

802 salarTest3

The parts are here!

Since Palomina is the one who took the worst hits in the trip, she deserves now most of the attention. So I got her a new battery,...[Go to Post]


Top Gear goes to South America

After watching this episode from Top Gear, we knew we have made the right choice. At least regarding the destination…...[Go to Post]