I was interested in visiting the Kennedy Space Center to observe the differences between it and the one in Guyana. Owing it probably to the proximity to the Disneyland, the KSC visit feels like one to an amusement park: rides, 3D theaters, special effects, popcorn, restaurants and so on. Nobody was wearing an astronaut’s suit, though 🙂

The bus took us to an observation deck, to an old Apollo control center and to the cargo preparation area for the shuttle program. Besides those, there are many full size mock-ups, including a shuttle, the Saturn V and other rockets and sections of the International Space Station.

1199 ksc

One of the cargo preparation areas. Occasionally, alligators could be seen in the canals like this one

1200 ksc

The Apollo command center

1201 ksc

Saturn V mock-up and other exhibits

1202 ksc

The Lunar buggy, also a mock-up

1203 ksc

Some of the first suit designs

1204 kscOutside the cargo preparation area
1205 ksc

Inside the cargo preparation area

1206 ksc

The toilet aboard the International Space Station

1207 ksc

The ISS lab

1208 ksc

The shuttle cargo bay with the payload, mock-up