Pacaya volcano erupted

At the time we were there, things were pretty calm (and boring). But now it seems there is a lot of action in Guatemala:

Reuters 27th and 28th
Yahoo news

1011 eruption1010 eruption

Images from AFP.

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Volcan Pacaya

As we reached the Pacaya Volcan, a guy jumped from the bushes and stopped us. With a maceta in his hand he informed us he was a security guard and we can’t proceed unless we are accompanied by an authorized guide. Immediately, out of nowhere, a peasant with a horse showed up, claiming to be an authorized guide willing to escort us for 100 quetzales (around US$12). We proceeded and, after about 2 hours we got to a place where the rocks were really hot and the lava was gloving from underneath. However, no lava was flowing above 🙁249 pacaya250 pac251 pac252 pac254 pac255 pac256 pac257 pac

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Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

The capital of Guatemala was a real disappointment for both of us. Except for the central square, all the streets in the historic center were full of trash, dust, homeless people and other things that I decided not to photograph… the hotel and the restaurants were so dirty that we thought this has to be some joke! So we decided to leave quickly, only after visiting the local railway museum.241 guate242 guate244 guate245 guate246 guate247 guate248 guate

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Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala, a former capital of Guatemala, is a colonial town with narrow streets and nice spanish buildings. It is, actually, the nicest man-made thing we saw in Guatemala.237 anti238 anti239 anti240 anti

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Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan was our next objective. It is surrounded by 2 volcanos and few villages inhabited by indigenous maya people. They speak a different language and wear distinctive clothing.231 atitlan232 atitlan233 atitlan235 atitlan236 atitlan

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