The New Providence

We spent most of our time on the island of New Providence in Nassau. Impressive aquarium at the Atlantis resort, but I prefer swimming with the fishes rather than seeing them through glass. Everything felt too crowded and commercialized so we left that island pretty soon after.

3638 nas

3639 nas

3640 nas

3641 nas

3642 nas

3643 nas

3644 nas

3645 nas

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Florida to The Bahamas (KTMB – MYNN)

After almost 25 hours of flying it was time for a routine check under the cowling. No major issues to report so far, except for a sticking throttle cable that appeared misaligned.

3630 bah

Once the check-up was completed off we were to The Bahamas. ATC services provided by Miami until Nassau approach took over; clear weather with scattered clouds all over.

3631 bah

3632 bah

3633 bah

3634 bah

3635 bah

3637 bah

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