Test ride

Since the work was completed, Radu decided to go for a test ride with his sister.  The ride was, as you can see, not without incident.Test rideFailure

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Rebuilding the front fork

At the impact, the front fork has been severely damaged.  Only some internal parts could be salvaged.  So when the replacement parts came in, Radu spent a few hours with his friend Horea rebuilding the fork.  The bike should be in one piece by tomorrow.

Horea and the fork

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Fixing a flat tire

One thing that really might happen is to have a tire punctured.  Especially in rural areas, a nail on the road shouldn’t be difficult to find.  Therefore, being able to fix a flat tire is a must.  A pair of tire levers and a bead breaker seemed to be enough for this job.  With the tools at hand, Radu decided to do some practicing.  However, after more than one hour nothing has been accomplished (except for waking up the neighbors in the middle of the night).  This Youtube video makes it look very easy.  Where is the mistake?  Hopefully tomorrow will find out.

How to change a tire

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Stripped BMW

The condition of the bike is better than expected.  All the required parts have been ordered for ~ $600.  Hopefully, it will be ready for testing within one week.Stripped BMW

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Being vaccinated against yellow fever is a requirement in order to apply for visa for Bolivia.  We paid $170 in US and a little under $100 in Romania and we got in exchange two shots plus two nice looking certificates.
Internation certificate of vaccination

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