New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut

After crossing West Virginia and Pennsylvania, I finally met my parents in New Jersey. I was pleased to see them again, since I’ve been on the road for such a long time.

1225  parents
1226 parents

During the weekend we went to Philadelphia, mainly to see the the Seaport Museum, featuring USS Olympia (claimed to be the world’s oldest floating steel warship, launched in 1892) and the submarine Becuna, dating since WW2, as well as other exhibits inside the building.

1227 phil
1228 phil
1229 phil
1230 phil
1231 phil
1232 phil

Sunday there was a racing event counting for the American Le Mans challenge, this time at Lime Rock, in Connecticut.

1233 lr
1234 lr
1235 lr

After a short stay in Paris, Laura is finally in Bucharest, and she sent me this good bye picture to be posted on the blog.

1236 laura

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The Blue Ridge Parkway

I continued North using the Blue Ridge Parkway, a very scenic road and one of the most visited parkways in the USA. It runs 750km from North Carolina to Virginia, atop of a chain of mountains that are part of the Appalachians. Being a weekday, it wasn’t crowded at all, so I was able to take full advantage of the curvy road. I camped twice in the vicinity of this road – once at the end of a runaway truck ramp 🙂 I was worried a bear might wake me up, but in the end nothing happened.

1220 blue1221 blue1222 blue1223 blue1224 blue


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The Northern Carolina Transportation Museum

I made the first important stop at this museum located in Spencer, NC. It is housed inside an old steam locomotives repair shop and has trains, cars, planes and boats on display. There is also a short train ride (only around 2km inside the museum area). I paid extra for a cab ride (the first one in life!)

1211 nctrans1212 nctrans1213 nctrans1214 nctrans1215 nctrans1216 nctrans1217 nctrans1218 nctrans1219 nctrans

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Leaving the beaches

I’ve never been in love with the sun and the beaches. By the time I got to Savannah, Georgia, I had already too much of those, so I decided to take a Western route through the Appalachians.

One good thing about USA is that everywhere you look there is a sign. So if you find your way through the warnings, disclaimers and security notices, you might find something useful, like tourist information and good driving directions. In addition to proper signage, whenever entering a state on a major route, there are Welcome Centers (like the one pictured) which can provide maps, pamphlets and general answers.

1210 welcome

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Daytona Beach

Heading North on the coast I arrived at Datyona, where driving/riding motor vehicles on the beach is permitted. Last time I did something like that in California I had to explain it to the judge afterward…

1209 daytona

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