A postal system existed in China, under various forms, beginning with year 1600BC. However, such systems were inconsistent and usually reserved for official use. Modern post arrived in China in 1861, when the British Post established in Shanghai a branch to service the businesses. Other Western post services followed suit, and soon the “Guest post” system was established. Since this was seen as a violation of sovereignty by China and an opportunity for illicit trade, by 1922 they were disbanded, after requests by the Beijing government.
Not too far is the site (today a museum) of the first conference of the Communist Party of China, held in the French Concession in July 1921. Being such a sacred place, photography was prohibited, but I was able to snap a picture of these children during an oath ceremony.
Apparently unimpressed by Mao’s struggle, a group of teenagers are enjoyin modern technology just outside of the museum.