Our tour included a visit to the DMZ. As we were driving South I was able to see several groups of defensive obstacles. The road itself had a few layers of concrete structures on the side, built in such a way to collapse (when pushed) on the road to create a road block, in case of an invasion from the South.
70km to Seoul.
Before entering the DMZ we received a briefing from the military staff. Then the buses advanced empty and we crossed inside the DMZ walking. Note more layers of defensive structures on the side of the road.
This is the place where the 1953 armistice was signed. They said the old UN flag was original.
Here you can see Laura scouting inside the enemy territory. The silver and blue buildings are the joint area of command, with blue ones administered by the South and the silver ones by the North. Previously, the tourists were allowed to go inside them, but due to recent tensions this part of visit was suspended.
After leaving the joint area of command we moved to a different area of the DMZ, some 30km away, where we had another briefing.
After the briefing we went to a military observation post to watch the opposing forces.