First good thing about traveling by motorcycle in Colombia is that you don’t have to pay tolls, or you pay less than others (unlike Mexico, Panama and other countries visited previously). As you can see in the first picture, there is a special lane for advancing through tolls for small vehicles. The second picture shows an advertisement for free services for motorists, including towing services and mobile car repair. Pictures 3-4: there are a lot of vintage vehicles on the road, just like in Cuba. But no more US built school buses, they all ended in Panama. Picture 5: there are a lot of full size GMC, Chevy, Dodge and Ford trucks (something that does not exist in US at all, only small pick-ups under those brands there). Picture 6 shows one of the many Dacia 1300 (some badged as Dacia, some as Renault 12) still popular among Colombian drivers! Last, another Romanian car, ARO 24!462 cars colombia463 cars colombia464 cars colombia465 cars colombia466 cars colombia467 cars colombia468 cars colombia468b cars colombia