As we got busier having fun during the trip, I also got more and more frustrated with uploading and adjusting one by one the pictures to the blog… I wish I knew about the new features of Word Press 4.0 a while a go, makes media management so much easier. So, time to catch up:

Plane parked in Playa del Carmen and we got into a “colectivo” bus and one hour later we arrived in Tulum to meet Tudor – old friend from Bucharest. Last time we found him in 2010 in D.F., now he is the owner of “Curandero” club in Tulum.

3581 tulum

Unfortunately, Tulum is an impractical and unorganized resort: most hostels, restaurants and clubs are located along the main highway and the beach is about 3km away with no public transportation linking them. However, the biggest surprise so far was the “cenote”, a unique local feature consisting of a naturally occurring pond in the middle of the jungle. Furthermore, underwater caves and tunnels (some longer than 10km) connect these openings. The water is very clear and filled with fish and turtles. Once you swim in one of these you never feel like going to a regular pool again. Absolutely amazing!

3582 tulum

3583 tulum

3584 tulum

Tudor hooked us with Easy Chango scuba diving school that raised the cenote experience to the next level by taking me diving in caverns as deep as 18m. After 2 more dives in the open ocean I acquired my PADI open water certification, while Laura preferred to remain closer to the surface and just snorkel around with the turtles 🙂

3585 tulum

3587 tulum