Sudbury was advertised on the Canadian immigration website as a port of entry. However, upon landing there (following a direct flight from Louisville) we found out that the customs office has been decommissioned two years prior. Easier for us, I guess. Quickly refuel and let’s move on. From there, moving North, mostly swamps. Apart from the desert and the tundras, probably the least habitable environment on earth. The next stop, Matagami, was a remote outpost and a mining town in North Quebec. Few eating options: gas station number 1 and gas station number 2. Spent one night there The next stop, some 1000km away, was Kuujjuaq. Bigger outpost but less prepared for general aviation traffic: fuel was only available in 55 gallons increments (barrels), and bringing your own transfer pump was the only option, as they did not have one available. We left quickly and flew our first leg over cold waters, towards Iqaluit – the capital of Nunavut Despite being the most remote outpost in that side of Canada, it was also the biggest, with a population of around 7700. The local FBO was super helpful and friendly, and they even provided us with guesthouse accomodation. Ordered poutine for dinner, a far cry from the one I had in Montreal about a year ago. But it was ok.