There was a mix of old an new on the streets of DPRK. Side by side were 1950s GAZ, 1980s Mercedes-Benz, 2000s Ladas and 2010 Audis. Also present many rather new Chinese cars that I was unable to recognize. Trams were vintage Czechoslovak Tatras, some modernized.
I was able to find these Romanian made, Katyusha converted ROMAN trucks in a recent magazine. Plenty of 1980s Dacia still in use, as taxis and for teaching.
But the most beautiful is the Pyongyang metro. Inspired in design from the one in Moscow, it has two lines and we were allowed to ride 4 stations in a former East Berlin S-Bahn train. Impressive murals depicting revolutionary scenes and sculptures about the industry, agriculture, military and so on. Note in the middle of the platform there is displayed the Worker’s Party newspaper, for consultation by the travelers.