We just came back to the lowlands from a 2 days Annapurna incursion. As per Laura’s bright idea, we left most of the luggage in Bali. She fixed the tank bag straps and I took the bike to the shop to weld some cracks in the rack. I also softened the suspension and I reduced the tire pressure.

The road from Bali was rough (read: the way I like it) with many rocks, mud and river/creek crossings through the river bed. We spent one night in Jomsom and continued in the morning. From 3000m elevation the mud was frozen and after 3500m the road was already covered with ice and snow, which made advancing impracticable without the spikes tires. So we had to turn back, only 4km away from Muktinath.

In only 60km we went from tropical forest to deciduous forest, then to conifers, followed by alpine tundra and then by desert landscapes.

Later edit: read Beni instead of Bali.